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Staple Lock Hydraulic Fittings

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Mine Type: Underground Coal
Category: Longwalls and Maintenance

Staple Lock Hydraulic Fittings    Cracked, corroded, worn, or incorrect staples on staple lock hydraulic fittings are not detectable by visual inspection. Avoidance of staple lock failure can only be accomplished through routine preventative maintenance. Staples have a limited service life, and should be replaced at manufacturers' recommended intervals.

   Staples that have migrated out of position are visually identifiable, as are fittings that are locked by only one leg of the staple. Routinely inspect for these conditions, and replace these staples with new ones. Before replacing any staples, always remember to follow MSHA's best practices for hydraulic hose maintenance.

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Issued: 01/24/2008
Tag # AP2007- 93385