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Roof Beam Supports

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Mine Type: Underground Coal
Category: Section Face Equipment

Safety Tip: Add a strap, cable, or bolt support for roof beams

Two miners died recently when a false roof collapsed on them. The roof beams had been supported by rails hitched into the ribs. When the ribs sloughed-off over time, the hitched rails could no longer support the structure.

Photo Showing Faulty Roof Ribs

Another dangerous situation can occur if the posts that are supporting beams become dislodged, such as being struck by a haulage vehicle.

Photo Showing Support Posts Photo Showing Support Posts

Collapse of roof beams can be prevented in these situations by running straps or suspended cable supports under the beams, or by bolting the beams.

Photo Showing Strapped Roof Supports Photo Showing Strapped Roof Supports

By adding these types of supports, the roof beams themselves will not create a falling-material hazard if the posts (or coal ribs) supporting them are inadvertently dislodged.

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Reissued: 04/30/2002
Tag # AP2002-S031