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Truck Loading Safety

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Mine Type: Surface Coal and Metal
Category: Haulage and Transportation

Truck drivers are involved in more accidents than any other equipment operators in the mining industry. Although most of the accidents are the result of loss of control (wrecks), many were the result of drivers getting struck by another piece of equipment after exiting their vehicles. This is especially true while the trucks are getting loaded at stockpiles.

Truck Loading Safety

Drivers are often struck by the loader or other trucks, and in a few cases they are covered and suffocated by materials sliding from the stockpiles. Rick Blois, Safety Officer and CDL instructor at the Jersey City Incinerator Authority, advises drivers: "When you approach a loader as a driver, always approach to the driver's side (your side as the truck driver) as to allow eye contact with the operating engineer." He further adds: "I instruct my operators not to load a truck if they don't see the driver or if the driver steps out of his rig without being prompted by the operator. The operator is to cease movement and lower his or her work until determination is made as to the intention of the truck driver."

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Issued: 04/24/2008
Tag # AP0095057