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Visitor Communications

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Mine Type: Surface, Mills & Plants
Category: Communications

Visitors such as vendors, delivery drivers, and lab personnel need to travel on mine property but often do not have a way to establish two-way communication with equipment or other vehicle traffic. One way to accomplish this is to supply them with portable radios when they check in at the gate or mine office.

Visitor Communications In addition to a portable radio, magnetic mount flags or cones with unique identifiers and flashing beacons can also be issued to:

  • alert equipment operators and other drivers that the driver of the vehicle may not be as familiar with the roadways and/or traffic patterns;
  • increase the visibility of visitor vehicles for equipment operators and other drivers;
  • provide equipment operators and other drivers a means to identify the visitor's vehicle for use in establishing two-way communication.

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Issued: 10/24/2007
Tag # AP2007 - 93545