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Permissible Warning Lights

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Mine Type: All Underground Mines
Category: Haulage and Transportation, and Section Face Equipment

Permissible Warning Lights A diesel scoop operator made a left hand turn into the face area with a full bucket of coal. He could only see down the right side of the bucket. When the scoop operator backed up and saw a cap lamp shining on the roof. He realized he had just run over someone.

Recent developments in warning devices include permissible strobe or flashing warning lights. These lights, when prominently displayed ahead of where a person is working, can alert machine operators of another's presence where, otherwise, they would not be seen. Because they are permissible, they can be used in any area of the mine, including the face area. For an up-to-date list of permissible strobe lights, contact the
Approval and Certification Center at (304) 547-0400, or write to:

Issued: 07/16/2003
Tag # AP2003-S087

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