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Haul Truck Pre-operational Hazards

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Mine Type: All Surface
Category: General Safety

Bad Weather Box Photo Many accidents have occurred due to slips or falls while climbing up on to large surface mining equipment. Foul weather magnifies these hazards. It takes very little ice, rain or mud to make the climb much more hazardous. If the equipment operator has to carry a lunch box, water jug, tool kit, logbook, or other objects up the steps, the hazards increase.

1. Mount a "Bad Weather Box" near the steps and accessible from the ground. The weather-proof box should contain at a minimum:

  • A pair of cotton gloves for a better grip on wet or icy handrails,
  • A flashlight for the walk around inspection at night or in gloomy weather,
  • Paper towels
If the space in the box permits, a can of de-icer, and even a bottle of glass cleaner for mirrors, windows, or camera lenses could be added.

Bad Weather Box Photo 2. Attach a "Dog Leash" to a rail for lifting lunch boxes, water jugs, tool kits, etc. Make the line long enough so that the end is also accessible from the ground. This will allow the operator to use both hands on the rails (maintain three points of contact) while climbing the steps, a good idea regardless of the weather. A plastic coated clothes line with a dog leash type snap works well for this application. After the operator reaches the deck of the machine, the gear can be pulled up with the leash and connect the free end to the top eye-bolt. At the end of the shift the operator can lower the gear and reconnect the free end of the line to an eye-bolt anchor at the ground level, ready for the next operator.

Reissued: 04/30/2002
Tag # AP2002-S035