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"Glow in the Dark"

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Safety Something YOU can live with!

Paints that glow in the dark are being improved, and have potential for safety improvements both underground and on the surface. Some paints can glow continuously for up to four days after a single exposure to light. Increasing the visibility of miners, equipment, and hazards can create a safer working environment. Some examples of uses for glow-in-the-dark paint are:
  • Mobile equipment, pick-ups and service vehicles
  • Signs and hazard identification
  • Clothing such as coveralls, hard hats and vests. (The photographs at right were taken in complete darkness and show a safety vest and hard hat. Clothing worn underground or on surface night shifts can be recharged between shifts by exposure to light in the change room.)
  • Tools (To avoid loss or leaving them in equipment after maintenance.)
  • Boats, barges, and other floating plant
  • Locations of fire extinguishers, first aid supplies, and other emergency equipment.

  • These paints can be another way to "Be Seen and Be Safe."
Glow in the Dark Stips

Glow in the Dark Hard Hat

For information on manufacturers that are known to MSHA to have such products available, contact MSHA's Applied Engineering Division at 304-547-2303 or e-mail

Issued: 03/19/2004
Tag # AP2004-T004