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"Underground Mine Emergency
Escape Rope"

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Underground Mine Emergency Escape Rope An innovative mine emergency escape rope is commercially available to help evacuate an underground mine in the event of a fire or explosion. The "lifeline" is designed to improve the chances for a safe and expeditious escape during mine emergencies. This innovative product was designed and manufactured to provide the following additional features:
    Underground Mine Emergency Escape Rope
  • Sturdy directional cones reduce the probability of miners becoming confused or getting lost during an emergency by assisting in leading miners to slope, shaft or emergency escape facilities.
  • The directional cone size and shape was designed to prevent a hand grip from being broken when in use.
  • All components were designed with strength, durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Available in different lengths, cone spacing and cone styles.
  • The manufacturer(s) will customize the cones with reflective strips and colors to provide quick identification and to help indicate proper direction of travel. For higher visibility and to meet MSHA regulations the lifeline is marked with reflective tape at 25 ft. intervals.
  • Rope sections are quickly and securely locked together with heavy duty sleeves, thimbles and quick links.
For information on manufacturers that are known to MSHA to have such products available, contact MSHA's Applied Engineering Division at 304-547-2303 or e-mail

Issued: 02/10/2005
Tag # AP2005-T90823