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"A Tanker Truck Fall Protection System"

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A Tanker Truck Fall Protection System An innovative moveable fall protection safety restraint system provides safe access for drivers and miners working on top of tanker trucks and stationary tanks. The new approach ensures workers are firmly attached to the system at all times. Personnel can safely move from the tanker access ladder to the tanker top then along the top of the tanker to any point along its length. The system provides a safety restraint belt/harness with a handhold and solid anchor that moves along a rail with the user.

     Professionally engineered systems have been designed with the following features:
  • A stand alone system that operates independently of air or electrical systems.
  • Easy for drivers/miners to use.
  • Constructed of strong, lightweight, corrosion resistant materials.
  • Ease of installation on existing or new tankers.
  • Simple to clean and maintain.
  • Drivers/miners can perform work with minimal equipment interference.

For information on manufacturers that are known to MSHA to have such products available, contact MSHA's Applied Engineering Division at 304-547-2303 or e-mail

Issued: 02/10/2005
Tag # AP2005-T010