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Multi-Head Hammer Tool

Safety Something YOU can live with!

A Multi-Head Hammer Tool is designed to make repairs safer and more efficient by replacing a sledgehammer and chisel. One operator can maneuver the Multi-Head Hammer Tool into hard-to-reach places, simplifying repairs while reducing operator effort and risk of injury.

Multi-head Hammer Tools

The cylindrical body of the Multi-Head Hammer Tool contains a drive bar. The drive bar slides inside its cylinder with a linear contained motion for maximum impact. One person can operate the tool to deliver a sledgehammer impact. Optional handle weights can provide additional power.

Multi-Head Hammer Tool can be used with a wide variety of specialized, easy-switch tips to perform various maintenance repair jobs. Benefits include decreased hammer-chisel risks, including threat of injury to the person holding the chisel, damage to the machinery and sledgehammer "bounce back".

Persons using this and any hand tool product need to follow manufacturer safety instructions and use PPE appropriate for the task, which includes but is not limited to safety glasses, gloves and protective footwear. For information on manufacturers that are known to have such products available, contact MSHA's Approval and Certification Center at 304-547-0400 or e-mail