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Safety... Something YOU can live with!

MSHA has reviewed information from manufacturers of these products and believes they have the potential to reduce certain hazards. MSHA does not endorse any of these products nor their manufacturers. Although information has been reviewed by Technical Support Engineers, these products have not been tested nor approved by MSHA. Some products are new, while others have been used for some time either in mines or in industries other than mining. Because each mine has unique conditions and features, mine operators should evaluate or test a product's potential to reduce certain hazards at their mines before using any product.

For information on manufacturers that are known to MSHA to have such products available, contact MSHA's Applied Engineering Division at 304-547-2303 or e-mail

Below you will find links to various innovative products. You will find links to "Printer Friendly" versions of each of the documents as well.

Innovative Products

  • 100% Tie-Off Fall Protection System

  • A Portable Skid-Mounted Fall Protection System

  • A Tanker Truck Fall Protection System

  • Clearing a Frozen Slurry Pipe

  • Collapsible Cable Hangers

  • Communication/Tracking - Distress Feature

  • Emergency Escape from Mobile Equipment

  • Folding Portable Truck Bed Ladders

  • Glow in the Dark - Paints that glow in the dark

  • Grease Pressure Release Gun

  • Ground-Operated Tanker Truck Manhole Cover

  • Haul Truck "Body-Up" Raised Bed Indicators

  • Hoisting and Towing Alternatives - Slings developed with high performance synthetic fibers

  • Light Mounting System for Elevated Locations

  • A Missing Tooth Detection System for Mining Shovels and Loaders

  • Multi-Head Hammer Tool

  • Non-Sparking, Conveyor Roller Bearing Isolators

  • Roof Bolting Machine Outby Rocker Pad Deflector

  • Skylight Screen Guard

  • Solar-Powered Haul Road Safety Lighting

  • Underground Mine Emergency Escape Rope

  • Welding Voltage Reduction Devices Welding safety device.

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