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Mine Safety and Health Administration MSHA's Accident Prevention Program
Miner's Tip

Don't Get Shot By A Jammed Conveyor

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Mine Type: Underground Coal
Category: Section Face Equipment
Tips Drawing
Never stand in line with a jammed conveyor to see if the jam is loosening. That's like looking into the barrel of a loaded cannon.

A continuous miner was cleaning up a roof fall when a roof bolt jammed the conveyor. The operator backed the miner up and jogged the conveyor several times to free it. He walked to the front of the miner and looked under the cutter head to see if the jam was working loose. When he used the remote to jog it again, the jam did loosen, and the roof bolt shot out of the conveyor like a spear, striking him in the neck. Fortunately, quick medical care kept him from bleeding to death.

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Reissued: 8/19/2002 
Tag # AP2002-M041