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These files represent older Equipment Hazard Alerts that were posted on MSHA's web site. We are providing these as they still contain useful information for you to use.

Alert for Cap Lamps that Use Lead-Acid Batteries - Dated: 04/17/2008
Users of cap lamps powered by lead-acid batteries need to be aware of a potential possibility of explosions involving the batteries.
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Automatic Emergency Parking Brakes (AEPB) on Long Airdox 400 and 600 Series Scoops
- Dated: 06/04/2008
A scoop was recently cited for non-compliance of 30CFR 75.523-3(b)(2). If the machine's hand pump was used to release the AEPB when the scoop was off, when the scoop was re-energized, the AEPB would not reset until one of the hydraulic functions was operated. The AEPB was restored to normal operation when a hydraulic function was operated.

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    Benshaw RS Series Reduced Voltage Motor Starters - Dated July 28, 2009
    Benshaw issued a warning safety notice to inform users of the Benshaw RS solid state reduced voltage starters with SCR bypass contactors of a potential safety hazard. To eliminate this potential hazard, Benshaw will supply at no charge a relay interlock kit to be installed in the control logic for the motor starter. Please refer to the attached bulletin for affected starters and contact information.

  • See Benshaw Inc. Warning Safety Notice
    Brookville Battery Powered Man Trips and Personnel Carriers with Hydraulic Brakes - Dated: 04/2006
    Instructions for Properly Maintaining the Braking System
    In October of 2005, a non-fatal accident occurred when a personnel carrier lost its brakes, rolled down a grade, and collided with another vehicle. The machine involved in the accident was a battery powered Brookville Model ULPC, 13 Man Ultra Low Personnel Carrier. The personnel carrier's braking system consisted of an electrical regenerative brake, a hydraulic service brake, and a spring applied parking/emergency brake. The service brake system failed at the time of the accident and the operator was unable to regain control of the machine using the regenerative or the emergency brake. Tests of the service brake system showed intermittent failure of the hand operated hydraulic service brake actuator (master cylinder). The investigation determined that debris found inside the actuator caused seal failure in the actuator.

  • See Brookville Product Information Bulletin
    Bucyrus 848 Un-A-Hauler AEPB Systems - Dated June 2, 2009
    The automatic emergency-parking brakes on some Bucyrus 848 Un-A-Haulers may take 4 to 5 seconds to activate after the panic bar is hit. When this type of equipment is field tested, the brake must engage within one second after hitting the panic bar. As a precaution, the 848 Un-A-Haulers should be field tested to determine if the brakes activate immediately (within one second) when the panic bar is hit as required by 30 CFR 75.523-3(b)(1).

    Bucyrus has issued a bulletin describing a remedy for the delayed brake activation. As described in the attached bulletin, the remedy consists of replacing the brake solenoid valve with a replacement solenoid valve and a pilot-to-close check valve. Please contact a Bucyrus representative with any questions or for more information.

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  • Caterpillar Incorporated Off-Highway Truck and Tractor Field Service Notification - Dated: 01/2006
    MSHA has been notified by Caterpillar of a potential corrosion issue related to certain Caterpillar off-highway trucks and tractors. Specifically, engine exhaust may contribute to frame corrosion of the cab support structure. Caterpillar has launched an inspection program with provisions for repair, if required, that will affect a number of trucks and tractors in use at coal and metal and nonmetal mines throughout the United States. Please contact your local Caterpillar dealer immediately to schedule a service appointment. For specific information, please use the link provided below.

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  • CSE SR-MP Expectations Training Unit - Dated July 7, 2009
    CSE is issuing this User Notice in response to a recent incident in which SR-MP training units were not used and handled in accordance with the Instruction Manual. Preliminary investigation indicates that units were used longer than the 5 minutes specified in the the Instruction Manual and that these overused units or their associated mouthpieces were then co-mingled with new units.

  • See User Notice
  • Failure to Detect Loss of Brake Accumulator Pressure - Dated: 09/2007
    Recently in Australia, a loader traveling downhill lost its brakes after the engine stalled, causing the operator to lose control. The loader rolled over onto the operator who was crushed between the cab and the ground. It was found that the brake accumulator pressure was too low to provide effective braking, and several of the parking brake components were missing.

  • See Alert
  • Fire Suppression System on Fairchild Scoops - Dated April 21, 2009
    Fairchild International issued a Product Information Bulletin concerning the fire suppression system on Fairchild battery powered scoops. The fire suppression system may not be installed according to manufacturer recommendations (Ansul).

    The hoses & fittings fire suppression circuit drawing numbers TC1730X21, TC1730X26, and TC1730X27 were revised to comply with Ansul specifications. If you have questions or do not know if the machine's fire suppression system complies with Ansul's specifications, please contact your Fairchild service representative.

  • See Bulletin No. 2126
    Industrial Scientific Announces Product Recall of
    GasBadge® Plus Single-Gas Monitors
    - Dated 2/7/2012
    Industrial Scientific Corporation has determined that the GasBadge® Plus single-gas instrument may not properly indicate a low battery condition resulting in a failure to alarm or instrument shut down. As a result, for safety reasons, Industrial Scientific is issuing a recall of all current GasBadge Plus instruments (v2.2 and earlier; manufactured prior to February 2012). MSHA Approval No. 18-A050012-0.

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  • Important! Safety notice and recall of certain Fluke Digital Clamp Meters - Dated June 8, 2009
    In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Fluke is voluntarily recalling certain 333, 334, 335, 336 and 337 Digital Clamp Meters that were manufactured between January 29, 2008 and February 27, 2009. The models and serial numbers affected are listed in the table available below.

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  • Getman TerraPro Accelerator Pedal - Dated January, 2009
    An accident occurred with a diesel powered TerraPro Personnel Carrier. The driver of the TerraPro Personnel Carrier reported that he lost control of the machine after the throttle became stuck with the engine at maximum RPM. When the throttle pedal was in the fully depressed position, it could become stuck and result in the operator loosing control of the engine rpm.

    Getman acquired TerraPro equipment line in 2007. The equipment in question was built prior to the acquisition. Getman issued Service Bulletin No. 08-01 to address the sticking pedal issue with the TerraPro Personnel Carriers built prior to April 2007.

    The electronic throttle pedal sticking issue was questioned with the TerraPros manufactured by Getman. Service Bulletin No. 08-02 addresses the sticking pedal concern of Getman TerraPros built from April 12, 2007 to present.

    See Service Bulletins
  • 08-01
  • 08-02
  • JLG Product Owner - Upper Lift Cylinder Pin Retainer Inspection
    JLG Model 2630ES, 2646ES, and 3246ES Scissor Lifts
    - Dated March, 2009
    This letter is being issued to highlight the need to perform the required daily pre-start inspections, as described in the Operators and Safety Manual, on Models 2630ES, 2646ES, and 3246ES scissor lifts manufactured by JLG Industries, Inc. ("JLG"). Reports from the field have indicated that the upper lift cylinder pin retainer hardware could loosen over time, and if overlooked dUring the daily walk-around inspections, could potentially disengage the pin keeper.

  • See Alert
  • Komatsu Electric Drive Dump Trucks - Dated July 6, 2009
    Komatsu issued Parts & Service News (Reference No. AA08089B and AA09095) on July 1, 2009, concerning a steering bleeddown manifold fitting. The 45° hydraulic piping elbow /flare fitting may experience a failure due to stress. A visual examination of the fitting should reveal any cracks and/or oil leaks.

    A Komatsu Electric Drive Dump Truck 830E-AC developed a crack in the fitting that sprayed hydraulic oil on an uncovered piece of exhaust pipe resulting in a fire. Exhaust pipes should be completely protected but openings in the wrap have been detected on other machines. A deflector may be installed around the fitting to divert oil away from engine parts in case of a fitting failure until a fitting replacement can be obtained and installed by Komatsu.

    The Parts & Service News lists the dump trucks affected and explains how to replace the fitting with an improved fitting. Komatsu distributors are in the process of informing customers about replacement of the steering bleeddown manifold fitting.

  • See Komatsu Parts & Service News
  • Large Electrical Equipment at Surface Mines May Have Auxiliary Power Sources - Dated: 11/2006
    COAL MINE FATALITY - An electrician, with 21 years of experience, was fatally injured while troubleshooting a dragline trailing cable at a surface coal mine. The electrician was working at an electrical junction box that supplied power to the dragline when he contacted two energized phase conductors. Incoming power to the junction box had been visually disconnected and locked out by the electrician. An onboard diesel powered generator was started and back fed 480 volts through on-board transformers connected to the dragline's trailing cable and energized the phase conductors to 23,000 volts.

  • See Bulletin
  • Miller® BackBiterTM Shock-Absorbing Lanyard - Model No. 8798B - Dated July 29, 2009
    MSHA recently became aware of a backbiter rivet shearing, causing the keeper on the snap hook to detach from the unit. This resulted in the loss of dual-action functionality of the snap hook. Sperian Fall Protection, Inc., which represents the Miller brands, issued a letter to their customers instructing them to conduct a daily inspection (by the user) and a periodic inspection by a company-appointed competent person according to the manufacturer's instructions.

  • See Letter
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Load-locking Valves - Dated October, 2008
    Loading and continuous-mining machines, since 1981, are required by MSHA to be equipped with load-locking valves in the boom and head lift cylinders. The load locking system installed must be maintained in proper working order.

  • See Alert

  • Sandvik DFP07-CS, DFP30-DT, and LS195 - Dated: 11/12/2009
    Sandvik issued a Human Safety Bulletin stressing the importance of manually engaging the park/emergency brake before exiting the equipment.

    A number of Sandvik machines are equipped with an optional door interlock. The door interlock will automatically engage the park/emergency brake when the door is open while the machine is running however, closing the door will release the brake. This may result in movement of the machine if the operator did not engage the park/emergency brake before exiting the machine.

  • See Human Safety Bulletin