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These files represent older Safety Hazard Alerts that were posted on MSHA's web site. We are providing these as they still contain useful information for you to use.

Boom-Supported Elevating Work Platforms - Dated 7/7/2009
  • Part 1 - Inspection - Working in an elevating work platform is an inherently hazardous operation. Workers risk severe or fatal injuries from falls.
  • Part 2 - Operation - The hazards associated with using elevating work platforms can be minimized if the work is accomplished using the appropriate machine for the specific work and job site, and following the manufacturer's machine operating procedures.
  • Carbo*Prill Fire
    The following incident took place on 23 September, 2008.

    At 5:15 AM, Tuesday, September 23, a Dyno Nobel Transportation driver picked up Carbo*Prill (see Comment and Information section of this document for details) from a storage bin at the Owensboro, KY Riverport Authority site. The Port Authority Loader saw "orange glowing embers" as he loaded the Carbo*Prill into the DNTI trailer.

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  • Conveyor Belt Safety
    Don't Get Carried Away Working Around Conveyor Belts
    A miner in Alaska with 32 years of experience was fatally injured at a sand and gravel operation. The victim went behind a conveyor belt take-up pulley guard and used a wood handled shovel to clean under the pulley.

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  • Dangers of PVC Primer and Cement - Dated 7/10/2009
    Three pipefitters were injured when a PVC pipeline exploded at a coal prep plant. A stray spark from an electric arc welder fell into the open end of a pipe assembly igniting highly flammable PVC pipe-joint cement vapor that was trapped inside the newly installed pipe.

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  • Energized Guy Wire Alert
    Energized guy wires have killed two miners in 2006.

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  • Explosion Potential at Abandoned Mine Shafts
    The atmosphere in the enclosed space of an abandoned mine shaft may be asphyxiating, toxic, flammable, or explosive. Therefore, work that will breech the seal on an abandoned mine shaft must be done with great care.

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  • Failure to Operate Boom Trucks Safely Using Proper Procedures - Dated 4/27/2009
    In recent years there have been two fatalities and one near miss due to the inappropriate use of boom trucks.

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  • Highwall Hazards
    See Bulletin
    Highwall Stability at Surface Mines
    Old Mines Underground can Undermine Highwall Stability at Surface Mines

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  • Rail Car Discharge Doors Alert
    A near-fatal accident occurred when a mechanic working on a rail car was pinned between two air-operated discharge doors that suddenly opened.

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  • Safety Sense - Circuit Breaker Identification October 2008 - Dated 10/30/2008
    Every year a fatality or serious injury can be attributed to one or all of the above failures. The most recent involved unplugging the wrong circuit for a pump, resulting in serious flash burns. Victims convince themselves that they have a good excuse right up to the time of the accident. Have you heard these?

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  • Safety Sense - Remote Control Continuous Mining Machines October 2008 - Dated 10/30/2008
    Remote control continuous mining machine operators continue to lose their lives while tramming these machines. There have been 31 fatalities involving remote control continuous mining machines since 1984, two of which have occurred in 2008.

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  • Seat Belts Save Lives! - Dated 9/4/2012
    On August 27, 2012, the ground gave way beneath a bulldozer clearing an access road for an existing powerline.

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