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Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977
  • The Act
  • The Regulations
  • MSHA Compliance Information
  • Synopsis of the Act
    The Mine Act requires MSHA to inspect surface mines at least twice a year and underground mines at least four times a year (seasonal or intermittent operations are inspected less frequently). MSHA performs other important mandatory activities under the Mine Act.
    Compliance Assistance Materials
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  • Compliance Assistance Information
  • Statutory and Regulatory Information
  • Diesel Equipment Health and Safety
  • MSHA Fact Sheet
  • Hoja Del Hecho de MSHA
  • Technical Assistance to Mine Equipment Repair/Rebuild Facilities
  • Links to other Departmental compliance resources:
  • Major Laws & Regulations
  • Compliance Tools
  • Employment Law Guide
  • Rulemaking