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District 8 - Coal Mine Safety and Health
Info-Grams and Close Call Accidents

Info-Grams The adjacent links lead to Info-Grams developed by the District 8 Serious Accident and Incident Committee. This information is to be used for safety talks, information sharing and postings at the mines. This is pertinent and valuable information that can be used to hopefully prevent any future occurrences.

Periodically, the committee will be preparing and disseminating these Info-Grams. Please feel free to copy or reproduce this information and distribute to anyone who may have an interest.

Accidents and Close Call Incidents

April 2010

Miner Pinched by Roof Bolting Machine
. . . roof-bolting machine slewed around and struck the victim . . .

January 2010

Bulldozers in Feeders
. . . where equipment slipped into a feeder void . . .

April 2009

End Dump Upended at Stockpile
. . . causing the truck to fall backwards down the coal stockpile . . .

January 2009

Truck Contact with High Voltage Line
. . . truck bed contacted the 7200 VAC overhead power lines . . .

Equipment Run Over Cable; Shocks Miner
. . . track-hoe crossed a 12,470 high voltage cable . . .

October 2007

Fall on Roof Bolter at Crosscut
. . . right-side roof bolter was returning to the front of the machine. At this time, a section of the roof fell without warning.

September 2007

Meter Test Leads Short While Testing Contactor
. . . a phase-to-phase fault occurred between the tips of his meter test leads.

Clay Bank Highwall Failure Trapped Shovel Operator
. . . shovel's cab was severely damaged, trapping the operator inside the cab.

Helper Pinned by Continuous Miner and Rib
. . . was injured while he was working between the tail of continuous mining machine . . .

October 2006

Contract Truck Went Over Berm
. . . contract trucker slid down a waste pile . . .

April 2006

High Voltage Line Contact
. . . truck bed contacted an energized 69,000 volt high voltage line . . .

Oxygen Tank Rupture
. . . oxygen tank was ruptured in a pick breaker . . .

December 2005

Near Miss Fall-of-Highwall
. . . stepped onto the lower walkway when the highwall directly across the pit from the Highwall-miner fell.

March 2005

Miner Injured While Installing Bolt
. . . a slab of rock fell striking him . . .

February 2005

Miner Injured by Roof Fall
. . . a piece of rock fell out from between the bolts and struck him.

October 2004

Electrict Shock
. . . circuit breaker which provided power to the bolter had been opened, the cable coupler . . .

March 2004

Track Hoe Causes Electrical Arc Incident
. . . working below energized high-voltage lines when his track hoe came close enough to the overhead lines to cause an electrical arc. . .

Two Electrical Shock Instances
. . . handling a damaged energized trailing cable. . .

January 2004

Blaster Severed Finger
Before he could remove his hand, the auger severed the middle finger

June 2003

Phase Rotation Meter Short-Circuits
. . .connected a phase rotation meter to a 4160-volt AC phase circuit.

Continuous Miner Traction Contactor Malfunctions
. . .caused the CM to pivot to the right.

May 2003

Bulldozer Slid into Stockpile Void
. . .fell backward and sideways into the void.

Circuit Breakers Shorting Phase-to-Phase on Line Side
Since January 2003, four circuit breakers have shorted phase-to-phase . . .

March 2003

Surface mine Fall-of-Person
. . . a mobile equipment operator fell approximately 20-feet into a cavity . . .

Miner pinned between rib and equipment
. . . shuttle-car operator was pinned between the tail of a continuous miner and a coal rib. . . .

February 2003

Over-the-Road Truck Overturns
. . . over-the-road truck overturned at a surface mine . . .

January 2003

Electrical Arc and Shock Accident
. . . Contacted energized 995-volt conductors inside of a controller enclosure . . .

Bulldozer Falls Into Void
. . . The bulldozer fell backwards into the void located above the stockpile's No. 4 feeder.

September 2002

Hoisting Accident
... The 1 1/2"-sling that connected the transport-trailer to the brake car broke.

Miner Falls Through Prep Plant Floor
... The grate and the miner fell 11 ½ feet to the floor below..

July 2002

Shuttle Car Strikes Miner
... A shuttle car came around the coal pillar and struck the handcart.

Battery Plug Arcs and Injures Miner
... As the operator was moving the charger cable, an electrical arc occurred

May 2002

Roof Fall Traps Two Miners
... Fall completely covered a Joy continuous miner and a Joy shuttle car.

Erratic Movement of Miner
... Switch Magnet Reversed

Roof Fall on Scoop
... The fall partially covered a battery-operated scoop

April 2002

Driver Fall-From-Trailer
...the tarp and stiffener pipe recoiled, causing the victim to lose footing and fall approximately 7 feet to the ground.

Fuel Truck Fire
...Observed flames coming from the rear of the fuel truck.

January 2002

Miner Struck By A Coal Hauler
... Operator backed the coal hauler into the crosscut...striking the miner

Rib Fall
...The coal rib fell as personnel were examining the area closer.

Truck Rollover Accident
... The operator backed the haul truck over the berm at the dump area.

Bulldozer Fire
...Dozer received extensive damages to the cab, engine compartment, underlying hydraulic hoses, and electrical apparatus.

October 2001

...While moving to the outside of the cage, he fell before he had reconnected his safety lanyard.

Underground Belt Drive Fire
...48-inch conveyor belt burned almost entirely across its width

September 2001

Bulk Powder Truck Backed Over Drill Bench
...He was trapped beneath the truck as it came to rest on its wheels.

Miner Caught by Ratio Feeder
... Miner caught himself between a ratio feeder and a conveyor tail-structure jack-post.

August 2001

Injury from Falling Draw Rock
... Roof bolting machine operator injured

Remote Control Malfunction
... Tram levers may stick unexpectedly

June 2001

Miner Partially Severed Hand
... Miner injured himself when he caught his right arm between a canopy and a coal rib.

April 2001

Bulldozer Over Highwall Accident
... Bulldozer recently fell over a 32-foot highwall

January 2001

Underground Belt Conveyor Accident
... Caught between the bottom belt and the roller

November 2000

Roof Falls
... Bolts recovered had severely twisted shells with the leaves buckled inward onto the threads

September 2000

Power Line Contact Accident
... Raised the bed of his trailer into energized overhead 13,200 volt power lines

Scoop Hinge Point Accident
... The scoop operator turned a corner and the miner's foot

August 2000

Electrical Arc Accident
... Energized line side 995-volt connections had contacted the transformer frame

Water Truck Overturned
... Truck continued to travel backward until it struck the toe of the spoil

Chain Broke
... The injured miner was helping pull free a continuous mining machine

June 2000

Electrical Accident
... Electrician contacted energized 12,470 volt conductors

Dozer In Hopper
... Coal underneath the dozer collapsed into a void.

Gloves Testing
... Hand injuries and burns from troubleshooting or testing without gloves

Roof Do's


Bin Collapse
... Refuse bin tore loose from its mounting and fell

Fall On Cont.Miner
... Roof fall covered portions of the continuous miner and the ram car.

Explosive Accident
... Struck an apparent misfire from a previous day's shot

February 2000

Unsupported Roof
... Travel under unsupported roof

Roof Fall
- a rock fell striking the miner and employee

ATRS Rock Fall
... The rock which had been held up by the ATRS fell and struck bolter operator

SurHaul Blind Spot
... A loaded truck struck the parked truck

SurFall Welder
... Fell into thermal dryer cyclone unit

UG Miners Struck By
.. Striking both the mechanic and the section foreman

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