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Chronology of Recent Major Mining Accidents
in the United States

   Performance Coal Company - Upper Big Branch Mine-South
    This accident took place April 5, 2010.
   Genwal Resources Inc 's Crandall Canyon Mine
    This accident took place August 6, 2007.
   Kentucky Darby LLC's Darby Mine No. 1
    This accident took place May 20, 2006.
   International Coal Group's Sago Mine
    This accident took place January 2, 2006. We are providing a single source page of information on the incident.
   Jim Walter Resources Inc.'s No. 5 Mine
    This accident took place September 23, 2001. We are providing a single source page of information on the incident.
   Willow Creek Mine Fire and Explosion
   West Elk Mine
    Mountain Coal Company's West Elk Mine located near Somerset, Colorado, thermal event - Beginning January 28, 2000.
   Gramercy Alumina Plant Explosion
    On Monday, July 5, 1999 at about 5:05 a.m., an explosion occurred at the Gramercy works alumina plant located in St. James County, Louisiana. One hundred employees were working at the plant at the time of the explosion, which occurred at the digester area of the plant. A total of twenty-one persons were injured from the effects of the explosion.
   Loveridge No. 22 Mine
    Consolidation Coal Company's Loveridge No. 22 Mine
    Miracle Run Portal located in West Virginia
    (Underground Coal)
    Beginning June 22, 1999.
    (Includes Report of Investigation)
   Oxbow Mine Fire
    Oxbow Mining, Incorporated's Sanborn Creek Mine
    Located near Somerset, Colorado
    (Underground Coal)
    Beginning January 26, 1999.
   Willow Creek Mine Fire
    Fire at Cyprus Plateau Mining Corporation's Willow Creek Mine
    (Underground Coal)
    Beginning November 25, 1998.