Jim Walter Resources Inc.'s No. 5 Mine
September 23, 2001

This information was released to the public via MSHA's web site at 2:00 pm EST on 9/24/01
    -- At about 5:45 Central Time last night, Jim Walter Resources Inc.'s No. 5 Mine, near Brookwood, Tuscaloosa County, Ala,. reported to MSHA that a roof fall had occurred at the mine followed by an ignition of methane gas, and that miners were unaccounted for.

    -- MSHA officials went directly to the mine. They have been at the mine all night and will remain as long as the emergency continues.

    -- In charge on-site is MSHA District 11 Manager Frank Young.

    -- MSHA immediately placed a control order on the mine site. Under the control order, all actions taken on-site during the emergency must be evaluated for safety, and approved, by MSHA..

    -- We are working with the company and the miners' representatives as they make plans to recover the missing miners while safeguarding the rescue teams that have been looking for them.

    -- This morning, rescue teams were withdrawn from the mine after they encountered elevated levels of methane gas, which indicate danger of another explosion.

    -- MSHA's mobile gas analysis laboratory and communications center are arriving at the mine today.

    -- Updates will be available periodically and will be  promptly posted on MSHA's web site at www.msha.gov.

    --Once the emergency is over and the mine is made safe for investigators, MSHA will conduct a complete investigation into the accident.

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