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District 9 - Coal Mine Safety and Health
District Office
Denver Federal Center
6th & Kipling
2nd Street, Bldg. 25, E-18
Denver, CO 80225
Phone: 303-231-5458
Fax: 303-231-5553

Office of the District Manager

Russell J. Riley District Manager   E-mail
Ronnie Free Staff Assistant 303-231-5560  
Vacant MS&H Specialist (Supervising CLR) 303-231-0000  
Larry Ramey MS&H Specialist (CLR) 303-231-5578  
Dario Ronzone IT Specialist 303-231-5577  
Sondra Tanner Secretary (OA) 303-231-5564  
Becky Sanders CLR Clerk 303-231-5662  

Office of the Assistant District Manager for Inspection Programs

Donald Gibson Assistant District Manager 303-231-5558 E-mail
Patricia Castelli Secretary (OA) 303-231-5556

Office of the Assistant District Manager for Technical Programs

James Preece Assistant District Manager 303-231-5563 E-mail
Jennie Baker Secretary (OA) 303-231-5582

Administrative Services Group

James Marsh Management Analyst 303-231-5573 E-mail
Mary Cunningham Management Support Services Assistant 303-231-5681
Vicki Bottiglieri Procurement Technician 866-954-9024 (Hearing impaired)

Special Investigations Division

Kayla Jennings Senior Special Investigator 303-231-5575  
Dale Hollopeter CMI - (SI) 303-231-5569
Gary Wilson CMI - (SI) (POD Price, UT) 303-231-5569
LoisDuwenhoegger CMI - (SI) 303-231-5582
Bert Ramey MS&H Tech. (OA) 303-231-5557

Ventilation Branch

Sidney Hansen Supervisory Mining Engineer 303-231-5590 E-mail
Wendi Stephens Mining Engineer 303-231-5674
Vacant Mining Engineer 303-231-0000
James Pruitt MS&H Specialist(vent) (POD Price, UT)
Sydel Yeager MS&H Specialist(vent) (POD Price, UT)  
Carol Miller MS&H Specialist(vent) (POD Delta, CO)  
Melodie Sproul MS&H Assistant (OA) 303-231-5598

Health Branch

Ed Vetter Supervisory Mining Engineer 303-231-5586 E-mail
Joanna Guymon Physical Science Technician (POD Price, UT)
Vacant MS&H Specialist 303-231-0000
Mark Albrecht MS&H Specialist (POD Gillette, WY)
Jack Eberling MS&H Specialist (POD Delta, CO)
Darrell Keller MS&H Specialist (POD Price, UT)
Melodie Willenborg MS&H Assistant (OA) 303-231-5441

Roof Control Branch

Matt Lemons Supervisory Mining Engineer 303-231-5570 E-mail
Ronald Gehrke Mining Engineer (Impound.) 303-231-5587
Yasser Akbarzadeh Mining Engineer 303-231-5567
Vacant Mining Engineer 303-231-0000
Ahmad Seyedtalebi Mining Engineer (POD Delta, CO)
Tain Curtis MS&H Specialist (POD Price, UT)
Ann Mortensen MS&H Assistant (OA) 303-231-5595

Electrical Branch

Peter Saint MS&H Specialist (Electrical) 303-231-5572 E-mail
John Barton CMI (Elec) (POD Delta, CO)
Vacant MS&H Specialist (Elec) (POD Craig, CO)
Chad Simpson MS&H Specialist (Elec) (POD Gillette, WY)
Dwayne Brown MS&H Specialist (Diesel)(POD Price, UT)
Charles Bordea CMI (Elec) (POD Price, UT)
MaryAnn McCrea MS&H Assistant (OA) 303-231-5580

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