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District 9 - Coal Mine Safety and Health
Price, UT Field Office
45 East 1375 South
Price, UT 84501
Phone: 435-637-3051
Fax: 435-637-4528

Field Office #1 Personnel

Cord Cristando Supervisory CMI (UG) Ext. 134 E-mail
Gary Wilson CMI (SI) Ext. 105  
Derk Bradley CMI (UG) Ext. 107  
Thomas Barrington CMI (UG) Ext. 108  
Mike Olsen CMI (UG) Ext. 128  
Ryan Kelly CMI(UG) Ext. 116  
Dave Turner CMI Trainee-(UG) Ext. 121  
Tain Curtis MS&H Specialist (RC) Ext. 113  
Charles Bordea CMI (Electrical) Ext. 110  
Sydel Yeager Mining Engineer (Vent) Ext. 127  
Lauri Palacios MS&H Assistant (OA) Ext. 129  

Field Office #2 Personnel

Donnie Durrant Supervisory CMI (UG) Ext. 133 E-mail
Randy Gunderson CMI (UG) Ext. 112  
Vernon Marvidikis CMI (UG) Ext. 111  
Russell Bloomer CMI (UG) Ext. 115  
Jim Martin CMI (UG) Ext. 104  
Dan Lyons CMI (UG) Ext. 126  
Joanna Guymon Physical Science Tech Ext. 135  
Dwayne Brown MS&H Specialist (Diesel) Ext. 124  
Darrell Keller MS&H Specialist (Health) Ext. 125  
Jim Pruitt MS&H Specialist (Vent) Ext. 123  
Pat Erramouspe MS&H Assistant (OA) Ext. 131