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District 8 - Coal Mine Safety and Health
Info-Grams and Close Call Accidents

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Accident Info-Gram
APRIL 2010

Miner Pinched by Roof Bolting Machine

On Thursday, April 22, 2010, a serious injury occurred at a District 8 underground coal mine. A dual-boom Fletcher roof-bolting machine was positioned in the last open crosscut of a working section. The roof bolter operators were preparing to install a 2-inch-by-4-inch curtain board for the #6 entry when, for unknown reasons, the right-side operator positioned himself between the coal rib and the ATRS pad. To better position the roof bolting machine for installing the curtain board, the left-side operator engaged the inch-control tram levers. As the tram levers were engaged, the roof-bolting machine slewed around and struck the victim near his midsection, pushing him against the coal rib.
         An EMT, who was on the working section, administered first aid. Although the victim complained of abdominal and groin pain, there were no visible injuries. Mine personnel transported the victim to the surface area of the mine where medical personnel airlifted him to a regional hospital. Surgeons found internal bleeding caused by a torn artery to his colon and performed procedures to correct the injury.
Roof Bolting Machine

  • Miners should notify machinery operators of their presence or intentions when near equipment.
  • Mine management should establish a safe procedure for moving equipment that keeps all persons in a safe location when moving equipment.
  • Miners must always be aware of their surroundings.
  • Miners must always stay clear of possible pinch points.

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This file was last updated on 5/7/2010

This information was provided by concerned miners in an effort to eliminate accidents. Accident or "close call" information within District 8 may be shared by contacting the MSHA office at (812) 882-7617.