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District 8 - Coal Mine Safety and Health
Info-Grams and Close Call Accidents

Close Call Graphic
Department of Labor
Mine Safety and Health Administration

Accident Info-Gram
October 2007

Roof Fall on Bolter in Crosscut

On 10-30-2007, at approximately 1:30 pm, a right-side roof-bolting machine operator received a fractured leg when hit by a rock measuring 3-ft x 5-ft x 8-in thick. The Fletcher dual-boom roof-bolting machine was positioned with the ATRS up against the roof towards the left crosscut, which was between the #1 and #0 entries. The machine was angled to place a bolt into the left corner of the unbolted crosscut. The fresh cut was left with both corners sheered, and it had a brow measuring about 36-in below the entry roof line. As the left-side roof bolter began installing the first bolt in this location, the right-side roof bolter was returning to the front of the machine. At this time, a section of the roof fell without warning. It measured about 19-ft x 21-ft x 3-ft thick. The rock hit the machine and broke into several pieces striking both operators. The right-side operator was injured, and the right-side canopy was destroyed. The left-side operator was uninjured.

Fall on Bolter Schematic


  • Make short cuts when adverse roof conditions exist to establish a competent roof line.
  • Check work areas for hazardous roof and rib conditions frequently.
  • Support all brows securely.
  • Be aware of loose roof rock that may fall or slide when ATRS is pressurized.
  • Make sure to position yourself in a safe location at all times.

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This file was last updated on 11/15/2007

This information was provided by concerned miners in an effort to eliminate accidents. Accident or "close call" information within District 8 may be shared by contacting the MSHA office at (812) 882-7617.