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District 8 Initiatives
District 8 has embarked on a series of initiatives to enhance its mandated activities. This page contains a brief description of these safety awareness and enhancement programs.
Next Step to Zero - 15/50

Joint Initiative with
Illinois Department of Natural Resources
Office of Mines and Minerals
Division of Mine Safety andTraining
and the
Mine Safety and Health Administration
Coal District 8

  • The Illinois Department of Mines and Minerals, Office of Mines and Minerals, Division of Mine Safety and Training (OMM) and the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), Coal District 8, recently forged a strategic partnership with the common goal of effectively reducing accidents and injuries and improving compliance in Illinois coal mines. This joint effort will work toward the long-term goal of eliminating accidents in Illinois coal mines and the short-term goal of reducing fatal accidents by 15% each year and reducing the non-fatal-days-lost incidence rate by 50% by 2004. Combining resources will provide more effectiveness toward achieving these goals.
        The initiative will consist of OMM and MSHA personnel traveling together to Illinois coal mines once a month for accident prevention efforts. By working together to meet common goals, the Illinois mines will be safer and more productive. For more information, contact the MSHA District Office at 812-882-7617.
New Miner Program
  • In view of the expanding coal market, we are seeing an influx of new miners, without prior mining experience, being hired at both surface and underground operations. District 8 is actively trying to contact new miners and inform them that we are available to assist them in making their work experience a safe and healthy one. A new miner information packet is being developed and will contain material that will assist the new miner in his/her endeavor for working safely. This packet will be made available for distribution during training sessions. The purpose of this initiative is to inform the new miner of MSHA's mission, and let them know that we are here to answer any questions regarding the organization, training, available material, or any health and safety issue they might have.
Respirable Dust Sample Awareness
  • Inspectors are now discussing results of the most recent MSHA surveys with individual miners sampled at Health Standards Compliance Mines.
Independent Contractor Peer Group
  • The District has an established "Peer Group" made up of area mine operators, training institutions, independent contractors, and enforcement personnel. The goal of the group is to explore, analyze and hopefully offer solutions and/or recommendations to address the high number of independent contractor accidents. The peer group also strives to exchange as much useful information as possible to improve the health and safety of the construction workers/miners working in and around our mining community.
Mine Rescue Preparedness
  • Effort is underway to enhance mine rescue readiness and awareness throughout the district.
Serious Accidents Emphasis
  • A review and analysis of all serious accidents that occurred in District 8 underground mines has been conducted. The review covered a three year period.
        The accident analysis program for the District 8 underground mines was initiated and implemented with field office supervisors personally visiting each mine. Identification of the most common types of accidents was made and preventive measures were recommended.
        The analysis portion of the program was presented to management personnel at all underground mines, the UMWA, and safety directors associations for Illinois and Indiana. The progress of each mine is being monitored at both the field office level and throughout the district chain of command. Quarterly progress reports for accident reduction results are prepared by field office supervisors and submitted to the District Manager for review.
        In the near future, District 8 personnel will conduct a similar review of all serious accidents that have occurred at the District 8 surface mines. Selected inspectors also will participate in specific mine site accident awareness and accident reduction visits. This is another part of an on-going district accident reduction initiative.View Summary Charts
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