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MSHA District 8 - Special Investigations Group
Supervisory Special Investigator - Robert Bretzman

Stationed: Vincennes District Office
Eddie Kane
Stationed: Vincennes Disctrict Office
Special Investigator
Phillip Stanley
Stationed: Marion Field Office
Special Investigator

Protection Against Discrimination: Section 105(c) A miner who uses any of the rights the Act gives to him or her cannot be discriminated against for doing so. It is illegal for a miner to be fired, transferred to a lower paying job, not hired, harrassed, or otherwise lose job benefits for:

  • Filing or making a complaint under the Act of an alleged danger or safety or health violation
  • Instituting, testifying or assisting in any proceeding conducted under the Act
  • Being a subject of medical evaluations leading to a possible transfer to another job location
  • Being withdrawn from the mine for not having the mandatory safety and health training
Miner's Rights Booklet

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