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METAL/NONMETAL MINE FATALITY - On October 9, 1995, a contractor truck driver with five years of mining experience was killed at a uranium mill. There were no witnesses to the accident. The employee was found on the ground 20 feet behind a modified tractor. The tractor had been modified to dump material from trailers that did not have hydraulic systems. It was equipped with out-rigger wheels that were in the down position. The employee had unhooked his empty trailer from the tractor and was apparently run over by the left out-rigger wheel of the tractor as it started to roll down a slight grade. He died from crushing injuries. This is the 38th fatality reported in calendar year 1995 in the metal and nonmetal mining industries. As of this date in 1994, there were 32 fatalities reported in these industries. This death is the 13th fatality classified as powered haulage this year. There were also 13 powered haulage fatalities during the same period in 1994.

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Fatal Alert Bulletin Icon MSHA's Fatal Accident Investigation Report [FTL95M38]