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COAL MINE FATALITY - On Wednesday, February 7, 1996, two miners, one a mechanic and the other a loading machine operator, were repairing a loading machine at the rehabilitation site for a belt entry. The mechanic was lying on the mine floor beside the loading machine, holding a grease gun hose to a fitting, while the loading machine operator was pumping grease from a grease can. A portion of the rock brow and coal rib above them fell suddenly, fatally injuring the loading machine operator. The mechanic was also injured and hospitalized.

This is the fourth coal mine fatality in 1996. As of February 7, of last year there had been 3 fatalities. This death is the first classified as a FALL OF RIB in 1996.

Photograph of the accident scene

For more information:
Fatal Alert Bulletin Icon MSHA's Fatal Accident Investigation Report [FTL96C04]