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MSHA - Fatal Gram

METAL/NONMETAL MINE FATALITY - On December 25, 1997, a 35-year old contractor security guard drowned when his pick-up truck traveled over a berm and became partially submerged in a ditch containing about four feet of water. The victim had eight years experience as a security guard and had worked at this mine for 12 weeks. The accident occurred on a curve in the road en route to a construction site the victim was securing. The road was about 2 miles long and 44 feet wide. The victim may have suffered a medical emergency. There were no injuries which would have prevented him from climbing out of the truck after it came to rest in the ditch.

  • When persons are assigned to perform duties at remote locations, a system to verify their status should be implemented.

  • When accommodating persons with unique medical needs, an emergency/communication device should be available to them.

  • This is the 61st fatality reported for calendar year 1997, in the metal and nonmetal industry. The fatality was determined to be chargeable after the close of the calendar year; therefore, the total fatality count for 1997, is changed from 60 to 61.

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