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Miner's Tips

"Wash Up"

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Your Health Comes First!

High exposures to toxic dusts and chemicals can lead to long-term health problems. The following tips will minimize exposure to harmful chemicals and dusts. These tips are for miners working around shops and preparation plants, which may have many chemical hazards.

Many chemicals are used in mining and more are being introduced each day. In order to protect oneself from the hazardous chemicals a miner needs to take simple precautions. Most of the precautions are common sense.

Never eat, drink or smoke while wearing gloves. Residue from handling the chemicals or dust can contaminate one's gloves. The food or tobacco product can pick up the hazardous material from the glove. This is one way in which hazardous materials can enter the body.

Wash Up The most important tip is to wash one's hands thoroughly with soap and warm water before eating, drinking or smoking. This remains true even if protective gloves are worn. Residue from handling chemicals can contaminate one's hands and a miner could ingest a harmful chemical while eating, drinking or smoking.

Good personal hygiene can help miners lower their potential risks to chemical and dust exposures.

Issued: 03/21/2003
Tag # AP2002-H007

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