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MSHA Occupational Illness and Injury Prevention Program web site includes health tips, programs, and material that can be used to prevent occupational illnesses and injuries in the mining industry. The health tips, programs and materials were donated by miners, mine operators, MSHA employees, and other interested parties.

We encourage you to submit your ideas for inclusion on this site. You can do this by presenting your ideas to any MSHA employee or directly to Illness Prevention Program. If your idea is posted, you will receive recognition for your idea, both on this site and in any hardcopy publication.

Remember -
Your Health Comes First!

   Applied Technology for Occupational Illness and Injury Prevention
    MSHA has arranged to review specific solutions to various types of situations which may give rise to occupational illness and/or injury and inform the miing industry of these solutions through best practices and video tapes.

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   Health Topics
    A listing of available health hazard information by topic.