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Engineering And Design Manual  Coal Refuse Disposal Facilities Cover

MSHA has updated and revised the "Engineering and Design Manual: Coal Refuse Disposal Facilities," which was originally published in 1975. The new edition can be downloaded using the links provided below.

The Manual represents guidance for designers, coal operators, and regulators to meet the requirements of 30 C.F.R. 77.216(a) in designing, constructing, and maintaining dams at coal mines. The guidance provides information and suggested methods and procedures to design safe and reliable impoundments and dams at coal mines because each site has unique conditions and features.

Download Full Manual

  • Full Manual (26 MB)
  • Download individual sections

  • Preface and Table of Contents (1.17MB)
  • Chapter 1 - Introduction (214.05KB)
  • Chapter 2 - Background and Characterization of Coal Refuse (1.33MB)
  • Chapter 3 - Coal Refuse Disposal Facilities and Other Impounding Structures (827.39KB)
  • Chapter 4 - Project Planning (403.64KB)
  • Chapter 5 - Coal Refuse Disposal Facility Design Components (1.24MB)
  • Chapter 6 - Geotechnical Exploration, Material Testing, Engineering Analysis and Design (6.13MB)
  • Chapter 7, Appendix 7A-7D - Seismic Design: Stability and Deformation Analyses (5.29MB)
  • Chapter 8 - Site Mining and Foundation Issues (2.78MB)
  • Chapter 9 - Hydrology and Hydraulics (5.59MB)
  • Chapter 10 - Environmental Considerations (0.90MB)
  • Chapter 11 - Construction and Disposal Operations (1.49MB)
  • Chapter 12 - Monitoring, Inspections and Facility Maintenance (876.37KB)
  • Chapter 13, Appendix 13A - Instrumentation and Performance Monitoring (2.10MB)
  • Chapter 14 - Emergency Action Planning (720.38KB)
  • Reference List (505.47KB)
  • Prepared by:
    D'Appolonia Engineering

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