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"Mine Safety Minutes" Text Transcripts
New Miner Training
    Recently it was found that a significant number of miners who lost their lives in mining accidents over the course of a year had less than two years of mining experience.

    Hello, I'm Bob Friend with the Mine Safety and Health Administration.

    Newly hired employees and those without much experience working at mine sites need thorough training for their assigned work. Training is the key to teaching new miners to work safely.

    MSHA asks all mine operators to be sure all of your new miners get proper training. Talk to them and emphasize safe procedures and how to spot hazards in your work environment.

    In addition, be sure that visitors to your mine site are properly trained as well. Anyone new to the mining workplace is vulnerable to possible injury.

    We can reduce the number of accidents in the mining industry and eliminate all fatalities when each miner is properly trained to avoid hazards in the work environment.

    Thank you for listening.