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"Mine Safety Minutes" Text Transcripts
Water in Mines
    We all remember the rescue of the nine miners at the Quecreek Mine in Somerset, Pa. Those miners spent 3 days trapped underground due to in-rushing water from an old adjacent mine.

    We have the knowledge to prevent such an accident in the future.

    Hello, I'm Bob Friend with the Mine Safety and Health Administration.

    Mine operations need to consider all mine workings located adjacent to, above or below active mining areas. Determine their exact location and the level of water inside.

    If there is water inside, de-water the mine.

    Perform a diligent search for any final, dated and signed maps of the old mine workings. Contact former miners and talk to them about the extent of work done in the mine.

    Conduct a close examination of the outcrops and pay close attention to surface subsidence and geological structures.

    Also, consider the use of directional, long-hole drilling to ensure adequate barriers exist around mining areas.

    Undetected mine workings are a serious problem in this country. Let's do all we can to prevent another Quecreek.

    Thank you for listening.