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"Mine Safety Minutes" Text Transcripts
Professional Miners
    Do you consider yourself a safe miner? Have you had any accidents on the job? If not you may be eligible to receive official Professional Miner recognition.

    Hello, I'm Bob Friend with Mine Safety and Health Administration.

    If you've worked three years or more in the mining industry without incurring a lost time workplace injury, you can be recognized as a Professional Miner. Under a program started last year, MSHA and the Joseph A. Holmes Safety Association are proud to recognize safe miners with the official designation of "Professional Miner." Miners eligible for the program are recognized at one of three levels - silver, gold or platinum - based on number of years they have worked without experiencing a lost-time accident.

    Professional miners are a tremendously valuable resource to the mining industry because of their proven ability to work in a hazardous environment, yet remain injury free. Professional miners stay injury free because they are experts at recognizing the hazards that can cause accidents. And they know how to eliminate those hazards.

    Professional miners always lock out and tag out electrical equipment before they begin repair work. Professional miners always wear their personal protective equipment. Professional miners always conduct thorough workplace examinations. And professional miners always make the right decision where matters of safety and health are concerned.

    Professional miners work safely every shift of every day - and show others how to do it right. Professional miners are wanted throughout the mining industry because they work the right way-the safe way.

    If you are a miner who has worked three or more years without a lost-time injury, please call your local MSHA office and ask them about the Professional Miner Recognition. We want to hear from you!

    Thank you for listening.