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"Mine Safety Minutes" Text Transcripts
Winter Alert
    Many people might not know it, but winter weather causes serious hazards for miners on the job, particularly those in underground mines. Cold weather has been the cause of some of the most tragic accidents in history at mining operations in this country.

    Hello, I'm Bob Friend with the Mine Safety and Health Administration.

    Harsh winter weather is just around the corner and each year, MSHA warns miners and mine operators about the hazards brought on by cold weather. Low barometric pressure can allow explosive gases in underground mines to migrate into working areas presenting an explosion hazard. Colder air can dry out coal dust which could also cause an explosion.

    Ice and snow build-up on walkways and roadways at the mine site presents safety hazards for workers. In addition, freezing and thawing of high walls can create instability and increase the danger of collapse.

    You can eliminate winter hazards at the mine by clearing roads and walkways of snow and ice accumulation. Apply liberal amounts of rock dust at underground coal mines. Carefully examine all equipment prior to use for ice build-up. Make frequent checks for methane, and maintain the integrity of your mine's ventilation system. Make it your responsibility to check for these hazards and to correct them.

    Remember, winter alert starts now - and safety begins with YOU. Take the initiative and take responsibility for your own safety. Don't expect others to do it for you.

    Thank you for listening.