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"Mine Safety Minutes" Text Transcripts
Maintenance/Repair Safety
    In a recent 8-month period, 11 of 20 miners killed in on-the-job accidents were fatally injured while performing maintenance or repair activities.

    Hello, I'm Bob Friend with the Mine Safety and Health Administration.

    These types of accidents CAN be prevented.

    Before you begin any kind of maintenance or repair work, SLAM IT!

    SLAM is the acronym for stop, look at your work area, then analyze your task and manage all hazards you may encounter while performing the task.

    When performing any electrical work, ALWAYS lock and tag out the electrical equipment.

    Never touch any electrical component until you are ABSOLUTELY SURE it is de-energized.

    Always follow the equipment manufacturer's recommendations for doing ANY repair work.

    Remember to wear fall protection that is secured by a lanyard any place where there is a danger of falling.

    Thank you for listening.