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01/03/1995 - MSHA Holds One -Day Seminars to Combat Haulage Accidents
01/04/1995 - Multiple Safety Problems Led to Kentucky Mine Blast, MSHA Finds
01/09/1995 - Bad Brakes Far from Rare on Surface Mine Equipment, Agency Finds
01/09/1995 - Safety Violations Noted at California and Nevada Surface Mines
01/19/1995 - Free Mine Safety Seminar Aims to Help Truck Drivers Stay Safe
01/24/1995 - MSHA Holds Conference on Mine Emergency Preparedness
01/31/1995 - Labor Secretary Aims to End Black Lung
02/02/1995 - Virginia Mine Operator Arrested for Threatening Mine Inspector
02/03/1995 - Investigative Reports of Fatal Mine Accidents Available Online
02/15/1995 - MSHA Seeks More Input from Miners on Safety and Health Matters
03/02/1995 - OSHA CD-ROM Now Supports Windows and Includes MSHA Regulations
03/30/1995 - MSHA Commemorates 25th Anniversary of Coal Act
04/10/1995 - MSHA Solicits Comments on Regulatory Reform
04/18/1995 - Results of NIOSH/MSHA Study Reveal Eight Cases of Silicosis
04/20/1995 - Recognition Ceremony Held to Commend Mine Rescuers
04/21/1995 - Mine Tour is Opportunity for McAteer to Get Miner Input
05/09/1995 - MSHA, United Coal Co. Mark Innovative Partnership
05/10/1995 - MSHA to Conduct Review of Accident Investigation Policy
05/26/1995 - U.S. Mine Inspector Charged with Accepting Gratuity
05/26/1995 - Conference Report Provides Mine Emergency Recommendations
06/14/1995 - Labor Dept. Denounces Attempt to Gut Safety and Health Agencies
06/19/1995 - Proposed Bill Would Endanger Miners, Mine Safety Chief Says
06/22/1995 - Double Fatality at Abandoned Mine Prompts New Warning
06/28/1995 - Reich Testifies on Proposed Legislation Affecting OSHA, MSHA
06/29/1995 - MSHA Issues Summer Safety Alert for Anthracite Coal Mines
07/06/1995 - MSHA Concludes Multiple Violations Caused Kentucky Mine Deaths
07/07/1995 - Federal Mine Inspectors to Get More Ethics Training, Scrutiny
07/07/1995 - Three Miners Receive Medals of Honor Lifesaving Efforts
07/20/1995 - Mining Operations Recognized for Outstanding Safety Records
07/26/1995 - MSHA Seeks Cause of Pennsylvania Mine Tragedy
07/27/1995 - MSHA Warns Miners on Dangers of Laboring in Excessive Heat
08/08/1995 - Report Released on Collapse, Flooding of New York Salt Mine
08/10/1995 - Oak Creek's Twentymile Coal Rescue Team Wins 19th Annual Contest
08/17/1995 - MSHA Releases Report on Virginia Abandoned Mine Outburst
09/14/1995 - Virginia Mine Operator Gets Six Months For Violating Law
09/29/1995 - MSHA to Sponsor 1995 National Coal Mine Rescue Contest
10/04/1995 - Mine Safety and Health Data Available on the Internet
10/06/1995 - Free X-Ray Screening Offered for Surface Coal Miners in Oklahoma
10/16/1995 - MSHA Alerts Mining Community on "Blowout" Danger
10/24/1995 - MSHA Calling on Assistance of Mining Community During Winter Alert
11/08/1995 - Free X-rays Available for Surface Coal Miners in November at WVU
11/13/1995 - Federal Inspections of Nation's Mines Would Continue During Possible Government Shutdown
11/24/1995 - To Protect miners, Federal Inspectors Worked Through Furlough

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