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01/26/1996 - Labor Secretary Names Committee to End Black Lung and Silicosis Among Coal Miners
01/31/1996 - J. Davitt McAteer Named as Acting Labor Department Solicitor
02/07/1996 - Mine Deaths Rise Slightly in 1995
02/08/1996 - MSHA Concludes Loss of Pillar Strength Led to Mine Accident
03/11/1996 - Ventilation Rules
05/15/1996 - MSHA Alerts Underground Coal Mining Community On Silica Hazard
05/22/1996 - MSHA, Consol, Inc. Develop Agreement To Improve Mine Safety Among Contractors
06/11/1996 - MSHA A.T. Massey Coal Co., Inc., Develop Agreement to Inprove Mine Safety Among Production Contractors
06/17/1996 - Federal Group Aiming to Eliminate Black Lung and Silicosis Among Miners to Meet in Salt Lake City
06/21/1996 - Federal Mine Agency to Check Safety of Mine Impoundments
07/01/1996 - MSHA Warning Mining Industry on Delivery Truck Hazards
07/18/1996 - Federal Group Aiming to End Black Lung Holds Final Meeting in Lexington Kentucky
08/01/1996 - Mining Operations Recognized for Outstanding Safety Record
08/08/1996 - MSHA Issues Warning about Trespassing in Abandoned Mines
08/08/1996 - National Mining Academy in Beckley to Commerate 20TH Year
10/11/1996 - Winter Safety Alert!
10/25/1996 - New Safety Rule Combats Diesel Dangers in Underground Coal Mines
10/31/1996 - Labor Secretary Calls for an End to Silicosis
11/20/1996 - Recommendations to Abolish Black Lung Issued Today
12/12/1996 - MSHA, Southern Minerals, Inc. Agree on Settlement in 1991 Mine Accident

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