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01/04/1999 New Training Standards Coincide With Surge in Jobs at Rock and Sand and Gravel Quarries - Meetings Schedule - Dallas, Texas - Jan. 5, 1999
01/05/1999 Number of Mining Deaths Declines In 1998
  No Releases For February
03/11/1999 MSHA Levies $200,000 Civil Penalty Against Arizona Mine Operator
for 1998 Fatality
03/29/1999 MSHA Offers Penalty-Free Truck Inspections to Contractors in West Virginia
04/13/1999 MSHA Offers Penalty-Free Truck Inspections to Contractors in
West Virginia
04/09/1999 Miner Training Rule Proposed
05/14/1999 Alert Issued One Day Before Oklahoma Drowning
Mine Safety Agency Reiterates Warning on Hazards, Dangers Found at Abandoned Mines
05/12/1999 MSHA, State Mining Officials Meet in Beckley Today on Black Lung Efforts
05/11/1999 MSHA Reaches Out to Smallest Mines in Metal and Nonmetal Sector
05/10/1999 MSHA's New PROP Program Calls Attention to Hazards That Lead to Roof Falls
05/10/1999 MSHA To Launch "Stay Out - Stay Alive" National Safety Campaign
06/14/1999 Mock Disaster Enables Rescue Teams to Practice Within Setting of Controlled Chaos
06/15/1999 National "Stay Out -- Stay Alive" Safety Campaign Comes to Belmont, Ohio
06/29/1999 MSHA Selects Two New Directors for Educational Training
and Technical Support
There were no releases for July
08/06/1999 Investigation into Cause of Blast Continues
MSHA to Hold Public Hearing on Explosion at Kaiser
Aluminum Plant
08/26/1999 Another Step in Long-Term Campaign
MSHA Publishes Data, Techniques for Preventing Black Lung
09/01/1999 Mining Operations Recognized for Outstanding Safety Records
09/09/1999 New Standards Add Protections For Miners Exposed to Noise
09/15/1999 Simulated Mine Disaster is Setting of Controlled Chaos
Teams from Russia, Canada Will Compete in U.S. Mine Rescue Contest
09/25/1999 Utah and Kentucky Teams Win Other Phases of Contest
Teams from Illinois, West Virginia Are Winners in National Mine Rescue Contest
10/01/1999 New Rules Will Require Safety Training for Stone and Gravel Miners
10/14/1999 MSHA Resumes Hearing into Explosion at Kaiser Aluminum Plant
10/19/1999 MSHA Offers Penalty-Free Truck Inspections to Contractors in Virginia
11/22/1999 Free Tests are Another Step Toward Ending Black Lung
Kentucky Coal Miners to Get Free, Confidential Chest X-rays Under New MSHA Plan
11/30/1999 Free Chest X-rays are Another Step Toward Ending Black Lung
U.S. Coal Miners to Get Free Chest X-rays Under MSHA Plan to Count Black Lung Cases
12/09/1999 MSHA Establishes Toll-Free Hotline to Report Unsafe Access to Mines
12/10/1999 Extent of Problems Under Investigation
MSHA Alerts Mining Community on Self-Rescue Devices
12/22/1999 MSHA, West Virginia Jointly Tackle Stockpile Problem

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