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01/04/2006 News Release
Federal Mine Safety Agency Launches Accident Investigation
Eight-Member Team to Probe Cause of West Virginia Mine Explosion, Handling of Information on Trapped Miners' Condition
01/09/2006 News Release
MSHA Announces Joint Investigation and a Public Hearing in Sago Mine Accident Investigation
01/19/2006 News Release
MSHA Issues New Mine Rescue and Safety Training Grants
01/23/2006 News Release
MSHA Acting Administrator Pledges Comprehensive Investigation into Sago Disaster
01/25/2006 News Release
MSHA Pursues Injunction Against International Coal Group after Company Denies Mine Access to UMWA
01/26/2006 News Release
MSHA Applauds Court Decision Granting Injunction
MSHA Defends UMWA Rights as Miners' Representative in Sago Investigation
01/31/2006 News Release
MSHA Names Team to Investigate Aracoma Alma Mine Accident
02/01/2006 News Release
MSHA to Expand West Virginia 'stand Down for Safety' Nationwide on Feb. 6
02/03/2006 News Release
MSHA Aggressively Assessing, Testing Communication and Locating Devices for Underground Mines
02/06/2006 News Release
MSHA Files Precedent-Setting Suit to Force Payment of Penalties
Injunction Sought Directly against Company Owner
02/07/2006 News Release
MSHA Pursues New Mine Evacuation Rules
Special Rulemaking Action Used Only Twice Before
02/08/2006 News Release
MSHA to Co-Sponsor International Mine Safety Symposium
Conference Will Focus on New Technologies and Practices
02/13/2006 News Release
MSHA Continues Pursuit of Improved Communications Technology for Miners
Symposium on Wireless Technology in Virginia Latest Stop
02/16/2006 News Release
MSHA Announces More Than $800,000 in Training Grants for Miners
10 Additional States to Receive Funding for Health and Safety Training
02/16/2006 News Release
MSHA to Raise Mine Safety Penalties
25-Year-Old Penalty Rules Targeted for Overhaul
02/17/2006 News Release
MSHA Declares Feb. 20 - 24 'Focus on Safety Week' for Metal and Nonmetal Mines Nationwide
02/24/2006 News Release
MSHA Files Complaint Against Perry County Mine Owner
Injunction Seeks Remedy for Non-Payment of Penalties
03/01/2006 News Release
MSHA and West Virginia Announce Dates of Joint Public Hearings on Sago Mine Disaster Investigation
03/07/2006 News Release
MSHA Publishes Emergency Temporary Standard on Mine Evacuation
03/15/2006 News Release
MSHA Proposes Fines of $139,300 against Kentucky Operator after Mine Ignition
03/29/2006 News Release
MSHA, NIOSH to Hold April 18 Workshop on Mine Escape Planning
Federal Agencies Working With West Virginia for April 20-21 Event on Mine Safety Technology
04/06/2006 News Release
MSHA Issues Warning to Kids to "Stay Out-Stay Alive"
Dozens Injured and Killed Each Year in Recreational Accidents
04/13/2006 News Release
MSHA Fines Pennsylvania Operator $150,000 After Fatal Accident
04/13/2006 News Release
MSHA Fines Mississippi Operator $127,000 After Fatal Accident
04/20/2006 Media Advisory
Mine Safety Agency to Hold Public Hearing in Lakewood
04/21/2006 News Release
MSHA Approves Hand-Held Radios for Underground Mine Use
04/24/2006 Media Advisory
Mine Safety Agency to Hold Public Hearing in Lexington
04/25/2006 Media Advisory
Mine Safety Agency to Hold Public Hearing in Arlington
05/09/2006 News Release
MSHA Issues Interpretive Bulletin on Limited Liability Companies
05/18/2006 News Release
Mine Safety Agency Publishes Final Rule on Diesel Particulate Matter
05/22/2006 News Release
MSHA Launches Investigation into Cause of Kentucky Mine Blast
05/22/2006 News Release
MSHA Announces Testing of Alternative Seals and Atmosphere Behind Them, Temporary Moratorium on All Alternative Seal Construction
05/23/2006 News Release
MSHA Names Team to Investigate Darby Mine No. 1 Accident
05/31/2006 News Release
MSHA Fines Kentucky Operator $360,000 after Mine Fatalities
06/12/2006 News Release
Mine Rescue Contest Prepares Teams for Real-Life Emergencies
06/15/2006 News Release
MINER Act Signed Into Law
06/16/2006 News Release
MSHA Sues Aracoma for Interfering with Accident Investigation
Massey Subsidiary Accused of Failing to Provide Documents, Access to Evidence
07/05/2006 News Release
MSHA's 'PROP' Calls Attention to Hazards That Lead to Roof Falls
07/10/2006 News Release
National Mine Rescue Contest Readies Teams for Possible Disasters
07/19/2006 News Release
MSHA More Than Doubles Strength Requirements for Alternative Seals to Better Protect Miners
Seals in Underground Coal Mines Must Withstand 50 psig Pressure
07/20/2006 News Release
MSHA Seeks Mine Inspectors in West Virginia, Maryland and Ohio
07/21/2006 News Release
Wyoming Team Takes Top Honors in National Mine Rescue Contest
07/21/2006 News Release
MSHA On-Site Applicant Screenings in Kentucky
07/25/2006 News Release
MSHA Issues Guidance for Developing Emergency Response Plans
Helps Miners Escape Accidents and Protect Miners Trapped After Accidents
08/02/2006 News Release
MSHA Seeks to Hire Mine Inspectors in Western States
Applicant Screenings Aug. 5 and 6 at Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colo.
08/03/2006 News Release
MSHA Seeks Mine Inspectors in Western Mining Communities
Applicant Screenings Aug. 8 and 9 at San Juan College in Farmington, N.M.
08/03/2006 News Release
MSHA to Digitally Reconstruct Sago Mine to Help Determine Explosive Forces Causing the Jan. 2 Disaster
08/07/2006 News Release
MSHA Looks to Reno, Nev. for New Mine Inspectors
Applicant Screenings Aug. 11 and 12 to fill jobs in West
08/14/2006 Media Advisory
MSHA Approves Proximity Protection System for Mining Industry
08/16/2006 News Release
MSHA Approves Proximity Detection System for Mining Industry
Agency, Partners Demonstrate System for Continuous Miners
08/24/2006 Media Advisory
MSHA to Demo First Approved Proximity Protection System for Mines
08/25/2006 News Release
MSHA Applauds Ruling Protecting Miners' Rights to Anonymously Appoint Representatives in Sago Investigation
08/29/2006 News Release
First MSHA-Approved Proximity Detection System is Put through Its Paces
09/08/2006 News Release
MSHA Publishes Proposed Rule to Raise Mine Safety Penalties
09/21/2006 News Release
U.S. Department of Labor's MSHA and National Mining Association Recognize 20 Mining Operations as "Sentinels of Safety"
Operations from Georgia and Mississippi are Repeat Winners
09/28/2006 News Release
U.S. Labor Department's MSHA Seeking Mine Inspectors in Pennsylvania
Jobs located in Wilkes-Barre, Pottsville and Shamokin
10/02/2006 News Release
Mine Safety and Health Conference to be held in Mesa, Ariz., this October
10/06/2006 News Release
U.S. Department of Labor's MSHA to Hold Annual "TRAM" Conference at Mine Health & Safety Academy in West Virginia
Exhibits to Include Latest Technology in Mine Emergency Response
10/16/2006 News Release
Mining Community Urged to Participate in Drug-Free Work Week
10/19/2006 News Release
Stickler Appointed to Lead Mine Safety and Health Administration
10/25/2006 News Release
MSHA Advises Miners: 'Don't Let Safety Slip' During Winter
U.S. Department of Labor Kicks Off Winter Alert Campaign for Mine Safety
10/26/2006 News Release
MSHA Assistant Secretary Issues New Procedures for Evaluating Flagrant Violations
10/31/2006 News Release
U.S. Labor Department's MSHA Seeking New Mine Inspectors in Northeastern States
Recruiting in Syracuse Nov. 4 and 5 for Positions in N.H., N.Y., Pa. and Va.
11/27/2006 News Release
U.S. Department of Labor's MSHA Seeks to Hire Mine Inspectors in Alabama
Mine Inspector Positions available in Bessemer and Birmingham
11/27/2006 News Release
U.S. Department of Labor's MSHA Looks to Kentucky for New Mine Inspectors
Positions Available in Madisonville, Morganfield and Beaver Dam, Ky.
11/27/2006 News Release
U.S. Department of Labor's MSHA Seeks to Hire Mine Inspectors in Illinois and Indiana
Applicant Screenings to be Held Dec. 4 at Rend Lake College
11/27/2006 News Release
U.S. Department of Labor's MSHA Seeks to Hire More Mine Inspectors in Indiana and Illinois
Applicant Screenings to be Held Dec. 6 at Vincennes University
12/08/2006 News Release
U.S. Labor Department's MSHA Makes New Emergency Mine Evacuation Rules Permanent
Emergency Contact Number Established for Reporting All Mining Accidents