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01/04/2010 News Release
Mining fatalities fall to all-time low in 2009
34 mining deaths in US is record-setting number
01/14/2010 News Release
MSHA releases report, issues violations in West Virginia mine inundation
Flooding from heavy rains led to 24-hour underground entrapment of 7 miners
01/25/2010 News Release
Underground fire traps 3 miners at Missouri lead-zinc operation
Miners retreat to refuge chamber, successfully rescued by mine rescue teams
01/28/2010 News Release
MSHA, US attorney pursue scofflaw mine operators for unpaid fines
3 Kentucky coal mines sued for nearly $665,000 in delinquent civil penalties
02/02/2010 News Release
MSHA fatality prevention program will include outreach, enforcement
'Rules to Live By' targets most often cited standards in fatal accident investigations
02/02/2010 News Release
MSHA publishes proximity detection request for information in Federal Register
Warning system could avert pinning, crushing accidents underground
03/11/2010 News Release
Commission ruling raises MSHA penalties against Alabama coal mine
Mine operator failed to follow ventilation plan, conduct adequate preshift exam
03/19/2010 News Release
US Labor Department, Genesis Inc. reach settlement of nearly $549,000
Troy Mine repeatedly cited for ground control violations following 2007 fatality
04/07/2010 News Release
MSHA appoints team to investigate Upper Big Branch South Mine explosion
04/10/2010 News Statement
Statement of US Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis on the death of 29 miners at Upper Big Branch South Mine
04/12/2010 News Release
MSHA announces final rule for high-voltage continuous mining machines
04/12/2010 News Release
MSHA announces final rule on coal mine dust sampling devices
04/16/2010 News Release
Independent team of occupational safety experts to examine MSHA's internal review following explosion at Upper Big Branch Mine
04/21/2010 News Release
MSHA launches inspection blitz in nation's coalfields - Federal inspectors focus on mines with history of ventilation, methane violations
04/27/2010 News Release
Hazard complaints result in surprise inspections at 3 Massey-owned mines
US Labor Department MSHA inspectors cite several illegal mining practices at West Virginia operations
05/04/2010 News Release
US Labor Department's MSHA expands Upper Big Branch
explosion investigation team, names internal review team
Anonymous tip line established to gather additional information about blast
05/06/2010 News Release
6 Kentucky coal mines forced to halt production during inspection blitz
MSHA seeks injunction against 2 mines for interference with inspectors' duties
05/06/2010 News Release
MSHA announces series of public meetings to bolster transparency in investigation of Upper Big Branch Mine explosion
05/18/2010 News Release
MSHA outlines hearing process in investigation of Upper Big Branch Mine explosion
05/24/2010 News Release
Court rules in favor of MSHA in UMWA challenge to public hearings
06/02/2010 News Release
US Labor Department's MSHA launches annual safety initiative aimed at roof fall prevention
Most underground mine roof failures occur during warmer, humid weather
06/08/2010 News Release
Statement from US Labor Department's MSHA Assistant Secretary Joseph A. Main on ruling in Tiller No. 1 Mine pattern of violations case
06/17/2010 News Release
Coal miner terminated from job at Massey operation ordered reinstated
Safety concerns voiced by miner a protected activity, says judge
06/23/2010 News Release
Statements of US Labor Secretary Hilda L. Solis and US Assistant Labor Secretary Joseph A. Main on MSHA's POV Program
06/25/2010 News Release
Underground investigation of Upper Big Branch Mine begins
06/30/2010 News Release
MSHA responds to inspector general's alert memorandum
US Labor Department's IG draws attention to gaps in Pattern of Violations program
07/01/2010 News Statement
Statement of US Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis on introduction of new mine safety legislation
07/15/2010 News Release
MSHA designates $500,000 for Brookwood-Sago mine safety grants
07/26/2010 News Release
Mine rescuers prepare to test their skills in simulated mine emergency
Nearly 40 teams to participate in biannual competition
07/28/2010 News Release
NFL running back joins forces with MSHA to deliver mine safety message
Kansas City Chiefs' Thomas Jones speaks out for 'Stay Out-Stay Alive' campaign
08/11/2010 News Release
MSHA files complaint with review commission over firing of Massey miner Suit alleges retaliation in employee's discharge
08/16/2010 News Release
MSHA issues guidelines for industry compliance with ventilation regulations
08/16/2010 News Statement
Statement by Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis on Friday's recovery of 2 Nevada miners
08/17/2010 News Release
MSHA issues Big Laurel Mining Corp. more than $542,000 in violations
Southwestern Virginia coal mine fined in 2009 mining fatality
08/20/2010 News Release
MSHA to launch safety and health conferencing pilot program
08/24/2010 News Release
More mining operations undergoing enhanced inspections
MSHA continues to target mines where unsafe practices and conditions are suspected
08/26/2010 News Release
MSHA stresses illegality of advance notification
Mining community: Prior notice of federal inspectors on mine property is prohibited
09/02/2010 News Release
MSHA issues safety alert and fatality update
Mining community urged to focus on safe work practices
09/02/2010 News Release
MSHA reminds mining industry about miners' right to make hazardous condition complaints, protections against discrimination
09/09/2010 News Release
MSHA publishes comprehensive mine safety data as part of Open Government initiative
09/16/2010 News Release
US Labor Department's MSHA awards $500,000 in Brookwood-Sago Mine Safety Grants
09/20/2010 News Release
MSHA announces results of 5 months of impact inspections
Nontraditional approach catches problem mines breaking safety laws
09/21/2010 News Release
MSHA to publish emergency temporary standard for rock dust
Standard strengthens miners' protections, minimizes potential for coal dust explosion
09/22/2010 News Release
Mine Commission rules in favor of MSHA in Massey Energy case
Judge finds MSHA did not abuse its discretion in adopting UBB investigation protocols
09/28/2010 News Release
MSHA takes steps to overhaul 'broken' pattern of violations program
New criteria developed for screening mines
09/29/2010 News Release
MSHA, United Mine Workers of America Career Centers sign cooperative agreement
$1.45 million grant to fund mine rescue team training programs
09/30/2010 News Release
MSHA announces tougher POV provisions, responds to OIG audit
10/04/2010 News Release
US Labor Department's MSHA to hold public meetings to develop proposed rule on safety and health management programs for mines
Meetings to be held in Virginia, California and Pennsylvania
10/07/2010 News Release
MSHA issues 11 closure orders during surprise inspection at West Virginia coal mine
10/14/2010 News Release
MSHA issues proposed rule on lowering miners' exposure to respirable coal dust
Aim is to end black lung disease among miners
10/14/2010 News Statement
MSHA issues statement in response to Chilean mine rescue
10/19/2010 News Release
MSHA issues more than 550 violations during September impact inspections
11/01/2010 News Release
US Labor Department's MSHA kicks off annual 'Winter Alert' campaign
Miners, mine operators urged to take precautions during colder months
11/03/2010 News Release
MSHA asks for preliminary injunction against Freedom Energy Mining Co.
Action against Massey-owned mine never before initiated in agency's history
11/10/2010 News Release
MSHA announces it will hold 6 public hearings on coal mine dust rule
11/18/2010 News Release
MSHA launches 2nd phase of 'Rules to Live By' enforcement initiative
11/19/2010 News Release
MSHA announces results of October impact inspections
Underground coal mine with highest number of closure orders among 19 operations
11/19/2010 News Release
MSHA puts 13 mines on notice for potential pattern of violations
Mines represent first group to be identified under agency's new screening criteria
11/24/2010 News Statement
Statement by MSHA Assistant Secretary Joseph A. Main in response to New Zealand coal mine explosion
11/30/2010 News Release
MSHA announces scheduling changes related to public hearings on coal mine dust rule
12/02/2010 News Release
MSHA settles with Oklahoma mine operator for $375,000
Farrell-Cooper Mining Co. fined in 2007 death of truck driver at surface coal mine
12/09/2010 News Statement
Statement by Labor Secretary Hilda L. Solis on
Robert C. Byrd Mine Safety Protection Act of 2010
12/14/2010 News Release
MSHA initiative highlights dangers related
to mobile equipment use in coal mines
Shuttle cars and scoops linked to 16 fatalities, nearly 800 injuries since 2000
12/16/2010 News Release
Court grants MSHA injunctive relief against Maine quarry
12/16/2010 News Release
MSHA increases focus on implementation of exposure monitoring at metal and nonmetal mines
Operators play important role to ensure miners not overexposed to harmful contaminants
12/20/2010 News Release
MSHA audit reveals additional mine's eligibility for potential pattern of violations
Maple Eagle No. 1 Mine in West Virginia had under-reported injuries
12/21/2010 News Release
MSHA announces results of November impact inspections
12/22/2010 News Release
MSHA proposes revisions to examination requirements in underground coal mines
Rule underscores mine operators' responsibility for conducting safety and health examinations