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January 2012
01/04/2012 News Release
MSHA and Pennsylvania coal operator reach settlement in discrimination case
01/05/2012 News Release
MSHA releases preliminary fatality data for 2011
01/18/2012 News Release
Judge finds Powder River Basin mining company discriminated against employee
Orders Cordero Mining to reinstate miner unlawfully discharged for safety complaints
01/25/2012 News Release
MSHA announces results of December impact inspections
01/31/2012 News Release
MSHA begins 3rd phase of 'Rules to Live By' outreach and enforcement initiative
Fatality prevention program to focus on 14 safety standards
February 2012
2/2/2012 News Release
Assistant Secretary of Labor for Mine Safety and Health Joseph Main: mine safety and health improving through collective efforts of government, industry
2/8/2012 News Release
MSHA reorganizes to centralize oversight of assessments, accountability programs
2/9/2012 News Release
US Labor Department's MSHA seeks information for miners' rights survey
2/16/2012 News Release
Compliance at metal and nonmetal mines improving, says MSHA assistant secretary
2/29/2012 News Release
MSHA announces results of January impact inspections
March 2012
3/6/2012 News Release
MSHA internal review team releases report on agency's actions prior to UBB blast
3/27/2012 News Release
MSHA announces results of February impact inspections
5 coal mines selected based on frequent hazard complaints
3/28/2012 News Release
MSHA: Advance notification of federal mine inspectors still a serious problem
April 2012
4/3/2012 News Release
MSHA publishes final rule on examinations in underground coal mines
Rule will lead to enhanced protection of miners' health and safety
4/5/2012 News Release
MSHA special investigators undergo refresher training
Agency worked jointly with FBI to develop course work to improve skills
4/25/2012 News Release
US Labor Department's MSHA releases first quarter mine fatality update
4/26/2012 News Release
Labor Department's MSHA issues user notice regarding SCSR units
Phase-out of CSE SR-100 breathing devices in underground mines to begin immediately
4/30/2012 News Release
MSHA announces results of March impact inspections
May 2012
5/17/2012 News Release
US Department of Labor's MSHA files complaint against mining company in Thomaston, ME, to reinstate miner unlawfully discharged
5/31/2012 News Release
MSHA announces results of April impact inspections
June 2012
6/4/2012 News Release
MSHA resolves delinquent debt settlement with Resurrection Coal Co.
Complaint dismissed after collection of more than $44,000 in civil penalties
6/13/2012 News Release
Assistant secretary of labor kicks off seminar on achieving a culture of prevention in the mining industry
Enhanced enforcement strategies are working, says MSHA's Joseph Main
6/25/2012 News Release
Kentucky coal operator ordered to reinstate miner to job
Administrative law judge increases penalty proposed by MSHA
6/27/2012 News Release
MSHA announces results of May impact inspections
Separate inspection blitz targets 40 Massey legacy mines
6/28/2012 News Release
Underground mine ribs are focus of MSHA's 2012 roof control campaign
Rib failure fatalities exceed roof fall deaths for 2nd consecutive year
July 2012
7/12/2012 News Release
US Department of Labor sues 3 'scofflaw' New England mining companies to collect more than $267,000 in unpaid civil penalties for mine safety violations
Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire violators also face interest and surcharges
7/16/2012 News Release
MSHA Assistant Secretary Main addresses concerns of aggregate associations
7/19/2012 News Release
US Labor Department's MSHA releases midyear mine fatality update
7/31/2012News Release
MSHA announces results of June impact inspections
Mine placed on pattern of violations in 2011 is one of targeted operations
August 2012
8/6/2012 News Release
MSHA's 'examinations' rule for underground coal mines effective Aug. 6
Regulation requires mine operators to identify and correct hazardous conditions
8/29/2012 News Release
MSHA announces results of July impact inspections
8/30/2012 News Release
MSHA's actions lead to more miners receiving temporary job reinstatements after registering discrimination complaints
September 2012
9/25/2012 News Release
MSHA announces results of August impact inspections
Kentucky coal mine undergoes 10th targeted inspection, served with judgment by default
9/26/2012 News Release
US Labor Department’s MSHA awards $1.25 million in Brookwood-Sago mine safety grants
9/27/2012 News Release
US Labor Department announces settlement in Crandall Canyon Mine collapse
October 2012
10/02/2012 News Release
MSHA special investigators undergo training by FBI
10/04/2012 News Release
MSHA unveils new machine guarding compliance assistance resource
10/15/2012 News Release
MSHA: Mining fatality, injury rates fell to historic low in 2011
Agency also releases 3rd quarter fatality summary for 2012
10/17/2012 News Release
MSHA warns coal mine operators about winter hazards
10/31/2012 News Release
MSHA announces results of September impact inspections
Criteria for selecting coal mines to include focus on respirable dust
November 2012
11/01/2012 News Release
US Labor Department's MSHA places increased emphasis on miner discrimination complaints
11/28/2012 News Release
MSHA issues potential pattern of violations letters to 4 mines
Number of operations with chronic violations declining
11/29/2012 News Release
MSHA announces results of October impact inspections
Tunnel Ridge Mine receives 2 targeted inspections in 1 month
December 2012
12/04/2012 News Release
US Decision in miner discrimination case upheld by federal appeals court
MSHA's assistant secretary cites decision as victory for miners' rights
12/06/2012 News Statement
Statement by US Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis on National Miners Day
12/27/2012 News Release
MSHA announces results of November impact inspections

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