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MSHA News Release No. 95-029
Mine Safety and Health Administration
Contact: (703) 235-1452

July 20, 1995


Eight mining operations have been honored for their outstanding 1994 safety records in the annual Sentinels of Safety awards program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor's Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) and the National Mining Association (NMA).

"The companies that have won this prestigious award have achieved a truly impressive goal and deserve our highest praise," said Secretary of Labor Robert B. Reich. "Their employees have successfully demonstrated the value they place upon a safe work environment."

"These safety records are a perfect example of what can be accomplished by working together," said J. Davitt McAteer, assistant secretary of labor for mine safety and health. "The Sentinel of Safety trophy clearly shows that mining can be a safe occupation."

The sentinels award is the oldest, established award for occupational safety. The first Sentinels of Safety award was announced by former President Herbert Hoover, a mining engineer, when he was secretary of commerce in 1925. The annual safety competition has continued uninterrupted to the present day.

Mining companies in various operational categories were recognized for achieving the greatest number of employee work-hours in 1994 without an injury that resulted in lost workdays. To have qualified, a company had to compile at least 30,000 employee work-hours during the year without a lost-time injury or fatality.

First-place winners and their number of consecutive employee-hours recorded in each of the MSHA/NMA-sponsored mining categories are:

Underground Coal Group
Nelms Mine - Cadiz Portal, Harrison Mining Corporation, Cadiz, OH, 244,656 hours.

Surface Coal Group
Sandow Mine, Aluminum Company of America, Rockdale, TX, 492,709 hours.

Underground Metal Group
Buick Mine and Mill, The Doe Run Company, Viburnum, MO, 129,042 hours.

Underground Nonmetal Group
Mississippi Potash, Inc., Carlsbad Operations, Carlsbad (Eddy), NM, 308,760 hours.

Open Pit Group
Tyrone Mine, Phelps Dodge Mining Company, Tyrone, NM, 644,698 hours.

Quarry Group
Brooksville Gregg Mine, Florida Crushed Stone Co., Brooksville, FL, 198,050 hours.

Sand and Gravel Bank or Pit Group
Bonanza Materials Pit and Mill, Bonanza Materials, Inc., Henderson, NV, 149,889 hours.

Sand and Gravel Dredge Group
Lower Burrell Plant, Davidson Sand and Gravel Co., New Kensington, PA, 72,221 hours.

Other mining operations with exceptional safety records during 1994 included the following:

Underground Coal Group
Outpost West, Marfork Coal Company, Pettus, WV, 116,138 hours.
Elmo #7 Mine, AA&W Coals, Inc., Biggs, KY, 111,961 hours.
Soldier Canyon Mine, Soldier Creek Coal Company, Wellington, UT, 109,263 hours.
Camp Creek Deep Mine, BJM Coal Company, Summersville, WV, 91,287 hours.

Surface Coal Group
Belle Ayr Mine, Amax Coal West, Inc., Gillette, WY, 407,179 hours.
Caballo Rojo Mine, Caballo Rojo, Inc., Gillette, WY, 327,018 hours.
No. 20 Mine, Mountain Clay, Inc., Wendover, KY, 320,842 hours.
Wylo Mine, Arch of West Virginia, Yolyn, WV, 309,006 hours.

Underground Metal Group
Viburnum #35 (Casteel Mine), The Doe Run Company, Viburnum, MO, 79,185 hours.
Overlook Mine Site, Echo Bay Minerals, Inc., Republic, WA, 46,183 hours.
Galena Mine, ASARCO, Inc., Wallace, ID, 33,971 hours.

Underground Nonmetal Group
Nash Draw Mine, Western AG-Minerals Company, Carlsbad, NM, 196,204 hours.
Sperry Mine, United States Gypsum Company, Sperry, IA, 101,253 hours.
Kentucky Ave. Mine, Martin Marietta Aggregates, Indianapolis, IN, 94,207 hours.
Shoals Mine, U.S. Gypsum Co., Shoals, IN, 88,808 hours.

Open Pit Group
Golden Sunlight Mine, Golden Sunlight Mines Inc., Whitehall, MT, 428,693 hours.
Zortman Mine, Zortman Mining Inc., Zortman, MT, 335,001 hours.
Fort Green Mine, IMC-Agrico Company, Mulberry, FL, 334,457 hours.
DuPont Florida Mine, E.I. duPont deNemours & Co., Starke, FL, 303,916 hours.

Quarry Group
Pennsuco Quarry, Tarmac America, Inc., Deerfield Beach, FL, 181,103 hours.
Wampum Quarry, MEDUSA Cement Company, Wampum, PA, 118,692 hours.
North Quarry, ECC International, Sylacauga, AL, 112,764 hours.
Davis Quarry, Hanson Natural Resources Co., Davis, OK, 91,260 hours.

Sand and Gravel Bank or Pit Group
Lilesville Mine, W.R. Bonsal Company, Lilesville, NC, 148,023 hours.
Arena Plant, Pioneer Concrete of Texas, Inc., Altair, TX, 137,237 hours.
Little River Plant, Gifford-Hill & Company, Wilton, AR, 116,429 hours.
Rockport Plant, Mulzer Crushed Stone, Inc., Tell City, IN, 112,191 hours.

Sand and Gravel Dredge Group
Porter Plant & Pit, Hallett Materials, Porter, TX, 66,350 hours.
Northern Gravel Plant & Dredge, Northern Gravel Company, Muscatine, IA, 53,580 hours.
Muskogee Dredge, Arkhola Sand & Gravel Co., Fort Smith, AR, 52,168 hours.
Pensacola Mine and Plant, Clark Sand Company, Inc., Pensacola, FL, 51,767 hours.