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MSHA News Release No. 95-033
Mine Safety and Health Administration
Contact: (703) 235-1452

August 10, 1995


The Twentymile Coal Company's mine rescue team from Oak Creek, Colo., won the mine rescue competition at the 19th Annual Rocky Mountain Coal Mine Rescue, Bench and First Aid Contest held in Price, Utah, Aug. 1-3.

"Team Twentymile" took away the top honor over 11 other teams by accumulating only seven points off a perfect score, said John A. Kuzar, Mine Safety and Health Administration Coal District 9 manager in Denver. The next closest competitor was the Cyprus Plateau Blue Team, Price, Utah, with 16 deductions followed by the Cyprus Shoshone Warriors, Hanna, Wyo., with 19 points off.

In the first aid competition, the Energy West Mining Silver Team, Huntington, Utah, placed first with only seven points deducted, followed by Southern Utah Fuel Company's SUFCO B team, Salina, Utah, in second with 23 points off and the Cyprus Shoshone Coal Warriors with 25 points.

For the combination award, which includes both the mine rescue competition and the first aid event, the Energy West Mining Silver Team placed first followed by Cyprus Shoshone Warriors in second and the Western Fuels-Utah, Inc., Deserado Black team, Rangley, Colo., in third.

In the bench contest, which tests the miners' skills in maintaining and testing mine rescue equipment, Steve Gravely, Energy West's team captain, won the event with a perfect score.

This annual competition, which tests the teams' ability to respond to situations which might be found in underground coal emergencies, is sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Coal Mine Rescue Association, the College of Eastern Utah, the Utah State Industrial Commission and MSHA.

For additional contest information, contact Shelly McCoy, MSHA Coal District 9 office at (303) 231-5458.