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MSHA News Release No. 97-0904
Mine Safety and Health Administration
Contact: Amy Louviere
Phone: (703) 235-1452

Thursday, September 4, 1997


Eight mining operations are being honored for their outstanding 1996 safety records in the annual Sentinels of Safety awards program co-sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor's Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) and the National Mining Association (NMA).

Mining companies in various operational categories were recognized for achieving the greatest number of employee work-hours in 1996 without an injury that resulted in lost workdays. To qualify for the program, a mining operation must compile at least 30,000 employee work-hours during the year without a lost-time injury or fatality.

"These companies are being recognized because of outstanding safety achievements that indicate they have instilled safety as a core value," said J. Davitt McAteer, assistant labor secretary for MSHA. "The key is management committed to a safe work environment, and employees who look out for one another. MSHA can help to identify hazards and instill awareness. Management and miners can work together to eliminate fatalities and injuries."

The sentinels award is the oldest established award for occupational safety. The first Sentinels of Safety award was announced by former President Herbert Hoover, a mining engineer, when he was secretary of commerce in 1925. The annual safety competition has continued uninterrupted to the present day.

First-place winners and their number of consecutive employee-hours free of fatalities or lost-time injuries recorded in each of the mining categories are:

Underground Coal Group

Huff Creek Mine No. 1, Lone Mountain Processing, Incorporated, Holmes Mill, KY, 248,134 hours.

Surface Coal Group

Jacobs Ranch Mine, Kerr-McGee Coal Corporation, Gillette, WY, 768,297 hours.

Underground Metal Group

Casteel-Buick Mine/Mill, The Doe Run Company, Viburnum, MO, 372,367 hours.

Underground Nonmetal Group

Fairport Mine, Morton Salt, Morton International, Grand River, OH, 291,751 hours.

Open Pit Group

McCoy/Cove Mine, Echo Bay Minerals Company, Battle Mountain, NV, 807,070 hours.

Quarry Group

Three Rivers Plant & Quarry, Martin Marietta Aggregates, Smithland, KY, 157,624 hours.

Bank or Pit Group

Lilesville Mine, W.R. Bonsal Company, Lilesville, NC, 155,830 hours.

Dredge Group

Bridgeburg Dredge & Mill, Glacial Sand & Gravel Company, Kittanning, PA, 70,965 hours.

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Other mining operations with exceptional safety records during 1996 included the following:

Underground Coal Group

Mine No. 1, Freedom Energy Mining Company, Sidney, KY, 186,010 hours.

Mine No. 4, Calvary Coal Company, Hayden, KY, 109,701 hours.

Mine No. 1, Sycamore Fuels, Incorporated, Williamson, WV, 104,820 hours.

Mine No. 4, Select Mining, Incorporated, Varney, WV, 94,080 hours.

Surface Coal Group

Colowyo Mine, Colowyo Coal Company L.P., Meeker, CO, 601,610 hours.

Rochelle Mine, Powder River Coal Company, Gillette, WY, 515,247 hours.

Caballo Mine, Caballo Coal Company, Gillette, WY, 446,321 hours.

Cordero Mine, Cordero Mining Company, Gillette, WY, 363,432 hours.

Underground Metal Group

Greens Creek Mine, Kennecott Greens Creek Mining Company, Juneau, AK, 258,752 hours.

Clinch Valley Mine, Savage Zinc, Incorporated, Thorn Hill, TN, 100,915 hours.

Underground Nonmetal Group

Locust Cove Mine, United States Gypsum Company, Saltville, VA, 161,867 hours.

Oakfield Mine, United States Gypsum Company, Oakfield, NY, 156,789 hours.

Kimballton Plant No. 1, APG Lime Corporation, Ripplemead, VA, 84,027 hours.

Randolph Mine, Hunt Midwest Mining, Kansas City, MO, 67,882 hours.

Open Pit Group

Kingsford Mine and Mill, IMC AGRICO Company, Mulberry, FL, 339,569 hours.

Montana Tunnels, Montana Tunnels Mining, Incorporated, Helena, MT, 329,627 hours.

DuPont Florida Mine & Plant, E.I. DuPont De Nemours & Company, Starke, FL, 292,653 hours.

Golden Sunlight Mine, Golden Sunlight Mines, Incorporated, Whitehall, MT, 288,138 hours.

Quarry Group

McCook Quarry & Mill, Vulcan Materials Company Midwest, McCook, IL, 153,334 hours.

Longview Lime, Dravo Lime Company, Saginaw, AL, 112,609 hours.

Sylacauga Mine, ECC International, Sylacauga, AL, 108,239 hours.

Thornton Quarry, Material Service Corporation, Lyons, IL, 107,242 hours.

Bank or Pit Group

All American Aggregates, All American Asphalt, Corona, CA, 107,883 hours.

Pit & Plant No. 4, Capitol Aggregates, LTD., Austin, TX, 104,512 hours.

Louisville Yard, Nugent Sand Company, Louisville, KY, 84,862 hours.

Shorter Plant, Martin Marietta Aggregates, Shorter, AL, 84,515 hours.

Dredge Group

Port Elizabeth Plant, WHIBCO, Incorporated, Port Elizabeth, NJ, 61,270 hours.
Greenville Plant and Dredge, Greenville Gravel Company, Greenville, MS, 57,070 hours.

Price Aggregate Plant, Louisiana Industries, Sun, LA, 53,325 hours.

Unimin-Dividing Creek Plant, Unimin Corporation, Dividing Creek, NJ, 47,768 hours.

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