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"Mine Safety Minutes" Text Transcripts
#15 - Fall Protection/Truck Safety
    Earlier this year, a truck driver was killed when he fell from the top of an enclosed bulk tank trailer. This was a needless loss of life that could easily have been prevented.

    Hello, I'm Dave Lauriski, head of MSHA.

    The unfortunate victim of this accident had 17 years of mining experience. Yet, he climbed to the top of the trailer to open the hatches without using any fall protection.

    Hundreds of truck drivers have been injured over the past decade when conducting various activities on and around trucks used in mining.

    All workers at mining operations, including those who drive trucks, should use fall protection anytime there is a danger of falling.

    Mine operators should develop and implement written plans or instructions that require workers to use fall protection wherever there is a danger of falling.

    Be sure all drivers are properly trained in the use of a harness or a lanyard and in the correct method of getting on and off their trucks. Let's put an end to preventable accidents.

    Thank you for listening.