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"Mine Safety Minutes" Text Transcripts
#16 - Adequate Training
    Last year a significant number of miners who lost their lives in mining accidents had less than two years of mining experience. Hello, I'm Dave Lauriski, head of MSHA.

    Newly hired employees and those without much experience working in and around mine sites need to be thoroughly trained for their work. Training is key to accident prevention. These new employees need to be trained so that they know what it takes to work safely.

    If you run a mining operation, be sure all of your new miners get proper training. Talk to them and emphasize safe procedures and how to spot hazards.

    Then, ask yourself, "Is the training effective?" Take it upon yourself to watch the trainees when they work and make sure they are properly trained.

    In addition, be sure that visitors to your mine site are properly trained as well. And keep a close eye on any visitors the entire time they are at your worksite.

    We can reduce the number of accidents in the mining industry when all employees are adequately trained to avoid the hazards they face.

    Thank you for listening. And remember safety and health are values with which we can all live.