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"Mine Safety Minutes" Text Transcripts
#17 - Mobile Equipment/Brakes
    Last year, mishaps involving mobile equipment killed nearly one-third of all victims of fatal mining accidents. Defective brakes were a factor in four of the five most recent mobile equipment accidents.

    Hello, I'm Dave Lauriski, head of MSHA.

    Those familiar with mining know that accidents involving mobile equipment at mining operations have replaced roof fall accidents as the leading cause of accidental deaths in mining.

    Here are some good practices that will reduce the chances of it happening at your mining operation:

    Inspect your equipment thoroughly.

    Be sure to maintain all of your mobile equipment in accordance with the original equipment manufacturer's specifications.

    The manufacturer's original equipment load limits should never be exceeded.

    Mobile equipment brake systems should be adequately tested before the equipment is used. And mobile equipment should never be left unattended unless the controls are placed in park and the parking brake is set.

    And please remember--seat belts should always be provided and always worn whenever mobile equipment is being operated.

    Thank you for listening.