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"Mine Safety Minutes" Text Transcripts
#18 - Roof/Rib Safety
    Four coal miners lost their life to roof fall accidents in just slightly more than two months recently. That exceeded the total for ALL roof fall fatalities last year. This is of high concern to anyone who cares about the safety of miners.

    Hello, I'm Dave Lauriski, head of MSHA.

    There are steps miners and mine operators can take to alleviate the threat of tragic roof fall accidents in underground mines.

    --ALWAYS follow the approved roof control plan for their mining operation. Never deviate from this plan. It was created to best fit your mine and best keep your miners safe.

    --Always make required examinations of the roof conditions before starting work. Look at the roof closely, listen for noises in the roof, and sound out the roof.

    --When adverse roof conditions are encountered, immediately install additional roof support materials.

    --Always use maximum supervision and oversight when performing retreat mining operations. This practice should be closely monitored by supervisors.

    --And never, EVER walk or travel under unsupported roof.

    Don't let roof fall accidents set our industry back in safety. Focus on your mine roof so that we can send every miner home safe and healthy after each shift.

    Thank you for listening.