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"Mine Safety Minutes" Text Transcripts
#19 - Fall Protection
    In a recent 8-month period, five miners were fatally injured in falls at metal and nonmetal mines. Amazingly, falls of people at these mine sites accounted for more than 35% of all mining fatalities occurring nationwide at that time.

    There are precautions you can take to avoid hazards that cause workers to fall from dangerous elevations.

    Hello, I'm Dave Lauriski, head of MSHA.

    Of the 5 fatal accidents, 4 of those victims fell from elevated locations. Understand that there is no such thing as a "safe" height. Two of these victims fell from the top of a truck. Height only becomes safe if fall protection is used.

    Miners everywhere should always wear some type of fall protection when working in any elevated location. Miners and mine operators should remember that working in elevated locations presents a serious safety risk. And fall protection should be provided for each worker in that area.

    Be sure all personnel are trained to recognize potential fall hazards. Thoroughly examine your location before you start work.

    Always'and I repeat, always wear fall protection or use other effective means of fall prevention when working in elevated work areas where the hazard of falling exists.

    Monitor employees and contractors to be sure they are protected from falling hazards in elevated locations at all times.

    Thank you for listening.