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2010 National Metal and Nonmetal Mine Rescue Contest
The Technician Team Contest

A new competition was unveiled at the 2010 National Metal and Nonmetal Mine Rescue Contest in Reno, Nevada. The Technician Team Contest combines the Apparatus Bench and Multi-gas Instrument Competitions into an overall mine rescue team preparation exercise. The technician team will consist of two members of the 8-person mine rescue team. At the beginning of the competition, the technician team will be presented with a scenario which requires their mine rescue team's services. The two technicians can work together or separately to complete the required tasks. At the conclusion of the competition, using this practical approach the technician team's mine rescue team will be prepared to go underground and conduct a successful mine rescue mission.

Presentation - Update - March 18, 2010
    Purpose: To address the questions and concerns of the participants at recent Technician Team Workshops and to clarify contest procedures to all interested parties.

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